The Neighbor: Compilation 10/14/2022

Like a starburst sent from heaven
or maybe it was hell
He was a truculent insurgent
an old acquaintance, he’s as well.
He didn’t want the trouble
and was a cogent colleague yet
But a spooky set of morals
as bad a neighbor as you get.
He blacked out all his windows
and locked the doors while still inside
we couldn’t comprehend the sight
things intrusive he did hide
But screams came from the first floor
Moans floated from the attic vent
No one ever came back out
it’s just how his house went.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

9 thoughts on “The Neighbor: Compilation 10/14/2022

    1. I am not sure how much you have read my older posts about my son but long story short, when he was in middle school the state police were sent to our house and they asked if his windows were blacked out. We didn’t even know what that meant! Unfortunately, that was the beginning of a lot of emotional turmoil for my son. Luckily he overcame much of it but it still breaks my heart to think about how adults can be so cruel.


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