Being a Book Reviewer

I review books for different venues. One of these is called Reedsy Discovery. When you apply to be a reviewer you may be offered an interview, where you will be briefed on expectations.

There is an opportunity with Reedsy to make money as a reviewer. When you join you open an account that money can be moved into based on your reviews. When someone likes your review and comments on it you may be given a small amount of money. If you love to read and can offer a lot of reviews, your chance of getting positive feedback increases.

If you would like to join you can click here
If you join through my link I will receive $50! Once you are a reviewer you can have this opportunity too!

Check it out. It is a great opportunity to read books for free, while choosing within your favorite genre or venturing out to see what else you might enjoy!

Click here:

5 thoughts on “Being a Book Reviewer

  1. Hi Christine, Can you tell me more about how this works? How many books are you expected to review in a specific amount of time and are they reviews that get posted for potential readers? I’m not that familiar with Reedsy, but I’m interested…thanks!

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    1. Alethea, once you are accepted as a reviewer you are given access to a library. The books in there range through multiple genres. You can choose whatever book you want to read, but you are given a timeframe to read. I read a book a couple weeks ago that was only up for review for a few days. The one I picked today isn’t up until two months from now. The thing is, once you pick a book they rely on you completing it. If you can’t for whatever reason, there is a way to record that but it is only for “emergency” purposes. Once you pick the book, you download it onto your computer or reader. After you are done you post a review. The review is supposed to be a certain amount of words long, but I think they really want quality over quantity.
      When you sign up and have an “interview” they explain the whole thing to you. It really is a nice way to read books. Oh, one other thing, while you are reviewing a book it is not available to anyone else, so they do like the reviewers to be actively reading and reviewing.
      I think that is most of the information. I like it and I like to get to read the books for free. I think they have some sort of suggestion if you can’t give a good review but I’m not sure about it. I would think that it would have to be pretty bad to get less than three or four stars.
      Let me know if you have any other questions that I might be able to answer.

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