Book Review: “The Happiness Triangle” (The Equilibrist series: Vol. 1)

Erasmus Cromwell-Smith

“The Happiness Triangle” is a must read by an author who has proven that dedication and faith lead to works that are truly touching and unforgettable. 

“The Happiness Triangle” by Erasmus Cromwell-Smith is a combination of storytelling, poetry, memoir, and life lessons. I was instantly drawn in with his writing and the story he tells. As I, along with every other living being, am constantly dealing with change and the mental consequences of this instability, there were many proclamations that touched base with me as they were either similar to what I was hoping to feel or an indication of where my head needed to go to find peace and happiness in a world that is unforgiving and often isolating. The first was at the beginning of the book: 

“So, in life, you must juggle to be in balance, but to be able to do so, you will need to learn and practice endlessly as both will give you the knowledge, experience, and self-confidence to execute impossible things fearlessly. P 28

It is as though Cromwell-Smith was writing directly to me with genuine caring. The poetry, the story, and the lessons presented throughout this entire text are meaningful and bring thoughtful consideration that can be experienced by anyone, at any time of their lives. The writing in its entirety is straightforward and honest, impacting my life from the very beginning all the way to the last page! 

“Balance is one of the foundations of happiness. But as important as balance is, the true message lying underneath this writing is about inner freedom” p 32

“No matter what others think, to dream is to contemplate life through magical magnifying glasses” p 36

“love yourself, love others, and love life, and all of it will be magical, or rather, a magical miracle for you” p 66

“Because even in the face of great tragedy and hardship, through the loss of everyone and everything, nothing or no one can deprive you of your ability to hope,” he replies. Pg 105

“you need to treasure and learn from your past, but never be a slave to it. Too many of us live ‘ever after’ consumed by things that no longer exist, things that are otherwise long gone, but still linger in the tortuous, masochist, and narrow, very narrow corridors and labyrinths of our minds,” p 122-123

Rest assured that the key to solving it is to never detach but rather be absolutely immersed in your life p 203

I give this book five stars and insist it be read with an open mind and an open heart to reap the benefits of Cromwell-Smith’s insight. 


Christine Bialczak 2022

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