5 thoughts on “Miniatures

  1. Did you make this little chair? I think it’s so cute. What do you do with it? I’m imagining a set of a whole bunch of things or like when people have little fairy gardens with miniature things in them.


    1. I absolutely love miniature things, I always have. I found these kits on Amazon and decided to try them. I originally wanted to build a doll house but it is super involved starting from scratch. The kits come with directions, sometimes, and all the materials. Its all paper or wire and some clay and fabric. The things are tiny so you have to have patience. I have completed about 5 kits now and a music box. I love it but most people that see it say they would never have the patience.


      1. Hmmmm, I will peruse on Amazon. I like the idea. So, what do you do with them if you are not doing a doll house? How do you display the pieces?


      2. Right now I have a few on the shelf in my family room and I have gifted a few. I would love to have some sort of display area where I could find a way to organize them but haven’t gotten that far. The few that I have gifted, the people have loved. They are just cute and most people enjoy looking at the tiny stuff but couldn’t imagine having the patience to do it. For me it is like therapy. After having so much trauma in my life I needed something new and I found something I love. The kits range from $20 to $60 for most. If you want to test it out the Oriental rooms might be the way to start as they are a bit more simplified than the others. I would caution getting any that look like they have wire (fences, railings, furniture) because the wire is so hard to work with, it is thin and doesn’t like to glue well. Also, the kits don’t all come with the same tools. Most come with tweezers, which you need, and a cm. ruler. Some come with scissors but I found a pair that are nice and sharp with a nice point for detail cutting. Also glue. Some come with an incredible clear glue but it is very sticky and hard to work with. Hahaha, I could go on. Let me know if you get one and then I can ramble on about all the little nuances of this hobby!


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