My New Pink Apartment Miniature


The newest miniature available on Stine Writing on

This is a completed, fully assembled miniature dollhouse. It has two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and bathroom, all with working lights. The basic furnishings and cabinets are glued down however all of the items included have not been secured yet. As the buyer you can opt for me to set up the apartment and glue everything in place or keep it like it is, with all of the same accessories included. (If you want everything glued, payment must be made prior to glueing).

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30 thoughts on “My New Pink Apartment Miniature

      1. Thank you…They are all different depending on the size and complexity. There have been a few that will take three or four days while some have taken almost two weeks. Now, that isn’t eight hours straight a day but it is still a lot of time. Drying time is also an issue. The one I am working on now has been in the works for about three days, I think I started it Friday evening. Electrical also plays a big role. One of my last miniatures, the Air B & B had nine or ten lights that all have to be wired together…I love making them though.

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    1. I’m really careful about how I put everything together and some of the items I actually make differently than what they show if I know a way to make something nicer. I’ve done so many of these now and with different brands and manufacturers all the kits are different and have differing ways to make the same things.


      1. The thing that you have to be careful of is with Wish, the shipping can be crazy. On Etsy, there are a lot of kits that aren’t put together but are about twice the price of a kit on other sites. People are just trying to make money.

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      1. They take patience. At first I tried to get them done quickly but if you rush and don’t let glues dry and all that, it is harder in the end. I tried making a video to show how to make them but each kit is so different. Just beware if you do want to buy a kit, 1. start with something small, 2. check prices on multiple sites because people buy the kits and mark them up, and 3. make sure you have the right tools because many of the kits don’t come with any tools or glue.

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      2. Thank you so much for the tips. I am so fascinated by these miniature spaces. I don’t know if I’d ever take the time to do one (I plan to though) but I’ll at least have to buy one at some point… I am taking a screen shot of your pointers, thank you again!!

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