Book Review: Monster’s Dream

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Monster’s Dream: A Chilling Psychological Crime Thriller by P.K. Abbot

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Monster’s Dream is the second in a series of chilling thriller stories and is a stand-alone book, in that I have not read the first one yet and I was still able to understand the plot and thoroughly enjoy reading this story. That being said, I wish I had had the chance to read the first book in the Jersey Murder Series as the characters would have come even more to life than they had in this story.
P.K. Abbot has given us just enough backstory to understand that the detective, Raphael Riley, is not ready for desk duty as is his fate due to heart complications. He was the best on the force and had the most arrests, for prostitution, but he was never a homicide detective. Fortunately for the force, he doesn’t go too far and he is willing to work alongside his peers to make sense of some brutal murders that seem to go back as far as ten years. He becomes even more drawn in when one of the next victims is the son of a woman he is beginning to really care about. Unable to comprehend these heinous murders against young boys, Riley tries to unravel the clues and figure out the how and why. Seeing the other police officers for the first time, in a new light, is more than enlightening, it may be the basis for this profound evil.
This is a short read and kept me turning pages the entire time. I could not put down the book as with the end of each chapter a new piece of the puzzle draws you in, keeping you enthralled and wondering who could kill a child. I gave the story four out of five stars as I felt the plot could have been expanded a bit further to enhance the experience for the reader. It was enjoyable to not have to read through chapters of unrelated or irrelevant material, but I would have liked a little more build-up to the conclusion. This is a must-read for the psychologically twisted thrill.

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