A New Kind of Miniature!

I love anything miniature!
I love building my miniature houses
I love little things…

I made this for my father. He has dementia but can remember back in the day when he had a huge garden, with all the different vegetables.

Do you have someone who loves growing vegetables, wants their own veggie stand, or would rather move fake veggies around than real ones?….let me know….
I would love to make veggie miniatures.

21 thoughts on “A New Kind of Miniature!

  1. So, not only is the adorable! …the whole idea of what you did for your father out of love just melts my heart! 🤗💗 My mother in law has Alzheimer’s (as did my grandmother years ago). She is in a care home, but oh so sweet and loveable 😊

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  2. sweet!! my best friend LOVED minitures and I gave her her first one.. I never cared too much for them but when I went to mexico last year I bought and recevied as gifts a whole shrine of them and I have her picture by them to keep her close at heart. thanks for the memory.


  3. I know some little girls who would really enjoy this! Hehe! But of course their mother wouldn’t – I can just see the result of stepping on a pepper or cauliflower! We had to deal with lego blocks with the boys and most of the women had girls and were so smug… This would have been a great “revenge” gift!

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