Book Review – Murder: It’s All In Your Head

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MURDER: IT’S ALL IN YOUR HEAD by Cynthia Hilston will have you wondering who is who and how will 100 years of horror finally be put to rest? This is a ghost story mystery that joins the present and the past in unbelievable ways.   

It is 1918 and Helen is being brutally abused…by her father. This pastor has an un-Godly way of making her life hell. If only she could escape this torture and be free of her father life can be good. But Helen does not realize she can do more to control the situation if she just puts her mind to it. Is killing this evil man the only way to find happiness in her life?   

Now, in the same town of Hurston, Ohio many lives are going to change, as they have been for the past 100 years. Cassie wakes to find herself in Randy Davis’s body staring down at a dead woman in a full bathtub. Must Cassie take the consequences of Randy murdering his own wife?   

The real Randy is locked in a mental hospital accused of murdering his wife, but he does not look like himself and why won’t anyone believe him that his name is NOT Jimmy Williams? Could it be that he is locked in the body of Jimmy Williams and Jimmy is the real murderer? Cassie then finds herself in Randy’s body trying to convince the real Randy that she knows something strange is going on. Will she be able to convince him before more lives are lost?  She is going to try while she learns about the evil which has taken over her body, ready to bring more destruction to the lives Cassie has always loved.   

No one is who they seem to be, or at least not all the time. Supernatural forces take control of some unexpecting citizens who must try to find out who is behind this anomaly and why. Who survives and who is the one that “always finishes what she started”?    

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars for its ability to keep me guessing up until the very end. It took a bit of time before I was able understand what was going on, keeping track of who is who and what is happening. It is worth it to stick it out, as the plot comes together, and things start making sense. The author has captured a way to pull you into the story and make you believe this isn’t fiction or just a figment of your imagination. 

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