Welcome to Santorini Island


My newest completed miniature!

This miniature will be for sale on Etsy in my shop – Stine Writing – fairly soon!

29 thoughts on “Welcome to Santorini Island

      1. Ahh she will find her passion. my daughter loved art so she’d do acrylic paint washes inside empty liquor bottles (they had to be odd shapes and sizes) then do little scenes in them with photos she took, put leaves, twigs or flowers to compliment the photo. Sometimes she’d write quotes she made up. She’d do multi media pairings to. She’d sell them at art fairs, here spending money. It amazed me to watch her do them.

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    1. It was tricky and it all takes a lot of patience. Some of the things, like the umbrella take a few days because there are steps to take and glue has to dry before moving on. I am sure people have done these more efficiently but I don’t mind taking the time if it is going to come out nice.


      1. I thought it looked like it was for a music box. I was trying to see if there was room for that. Well, you do an amazing job. What a fun hobby for you! And thank you for sharing photos. I just love love looking at those photos!

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  1. wow… you’re extremely talented!!! those miniatures are beyond just awesome and I’m in short of words to describe how beautiful that is!
    p.s I can’t even draw a tree nicely… let alone do something beautiful like this!


    1. It is funny because the kits comes in a box about the size of a flattened tissue box. When I open them I always ask myself if I am ready. It is a lot of work but it is my therapy too!


  2. Wow! Unmistakably Greek. I love it – reminds me of all the years of backpacking in the Greek Islands (many moons ago). We never actually went to Santorini, although we docked there on a ferry on the way to somewhere quieter.

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