26 thoughts on “My newest miniature

  1. This is adorable, Christine. That must be the cutest place ever! How much time did it take you to do all this, and how did you do it? Could you buy the pieces and paint them, or did you have to make everything? It boggles my mind! Thank you so much for sharing it.

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    1. Most of the miniatures come as a kit. It gives instructions, almost always in Chinese. The four story one took about four days. I just finished one and it took over a week because there was more drying time needed and just tons of little tiny stuff. When I make my custom ones I cut wood for the furniture and stuff.

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  2. These are fabulous Christine. They almost look cartoonish/almost like a drawing in the photos. I am sure your client will absolutely love your hard work. I hope you have charged a good price

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    1. No, not yet. That one is going to be so complicated that I wanted to get this one done. Also, the person buying it just told me that they bought it because a good friend of theirs is opening this type of cafe so it is a gift for the opening! I thought that was super exciting. I did get the bathroom fixtures glazed and fired and the cauldron as well. I will be putting many hours into it!


    1. I hope my hands hold out for a while longer. I have psoriatic arthritis and I don’t know if I am “lucky” or not but it mostly affects my major joints, not small ones. I do have a titanium hip and will be getting a new knee probably in March or April!


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