I have set up a GoFundMe fundraiser to raise money for a scholarship to the school my son graduated high school from before he tragically passed away. Please consider a small donation and please share the link. Thank you! https://gofund.me/3aa1542f

I am an avid reader with a soft spot for Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein, for their fun, rhyming stories and I adore Graeme Base for his interesting stories with twists and fabulous illustrations. I am also a writer. I am a member of SCBWI and other informal, online writing groups like PoetrySoup.com. I have four published books and hope to publish many more in my lifetime.

I have degrees in Psychology, Education, and School Administration. I am certified to teach Special Education grades K to 12 and Elementary Education. My focus as a teacher was to show students that learning could be both fun and functional! I love reading to kids, even the high school students and introduced my classes to Roald Dahl, Ray Bradbury, and so many other great authors. I have experience in behavior management and have been known to introduce diverse forms of art, like The Three Tenors, to inner-city middle school students. I don’t teach right now as I resigned after losing my son in July of 2019.

I love art. I have just begun illustrating my own stories but have always been artistically involved, enjoying Zentangling and other types of expression including making jewelry, crocheting, and sewing. I love my family, my pets, and spending quality time with people I care about.  I find so much joy in bird watching and I absolutely love travelling. I love learning about new cultures and other places around the world.

In June of 2018 I lost my husband of 21 years. He was allergic to a medication and his liver failed. He actually passed away during the liver transplant, as he started bleeding and his heart stopped.

In July of 2019 I lost my 19 year old son. He had just graduated high school and was headed to Florida Institute of Technology to study mechanical engineering. He was brilliant. He died on his way home from work in a motorcycle accident.

My life revolves around David, my love, and Lindsay, my daughter. My father has dementia and I now take full-time care of him. I have two wonderfully sweet guinea pigs, Beary and Oreo, and a dog who is like a son to me (I guess grandson because it started out as my daughters dog). His name is Brody and he is five. I just recently finished certification for Brody as my Service Dog. Suffering from PTSD has been hard but Brody is able to sense when feelings begin spiraling down.

I suffer from Psoriatic Arthritis, which causes chronic pain and some fatigue. I deal with many health related issues but love to show the world that I’m not stopping just for a little pain. I feel blessed to be in relatively good health, as far as my heart and other vital organs are concerned!

Please consider donating to the Scholarship fund I am setting up in my son’s name on gofundme.com
https://christinebialczak.com/2021/03/03/go-fund-me-in-memory-of-my-son-2/ or

What People Say

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Dr. Seuss

Let’s build something together.