Book Review: Deadly Games

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Deadly Games by Sally Rigby is a suspenseful thriller which weaves sociopathy and coming of age in a twist of serial murders.

George, short for Georgina, is a professor at University in the UK. She is a scholar in forensic psychology and knows about profiling and looking at evidence, but she isn’t a detective. DCI Walker on the other hand has learned all she knows from being on the job and doesn’t have the patience for book learners who have no experience in the field. That is until she gets to know George and sees that although George is learned through books, she has a good sense of reality when it comes to character and behavior. When a serial killer is out hunting University students DCI Walker begins to trust and admire George for her help with the case. But they are running out of time. DCI Walker has made too many mistakes and is about to be knocked down to desk duty. George doesn’t want to leave the case and DCI Walker is determined to solve it.

I gave this book three out of five stars for its predictability. The plot, although familiar as in other types of psychological thrillers, is unique in its details and does lend itself to interesting characters involved. Although the author did very well in throwing curveballs to have the reader second guess their suspicions, there wasn’t a depth to the story to lend itself as a new series that will have novelty and unexpected events. The writing itself is good and the story line is plotted out well. It was definitely worth reading and I did want to hear the entire story. Most likely I will look for the second book in the series when it gets published to determine if my idea of predictability is false. 

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