21 thoughts on “Miniature for sale

    1. Rory, I buy the kits and then, yes, I make everything. Most of the kits come with a few little items already made, maybe some flowers or other odds and ends. I have to do all the construction, wiring, etc. I love doing it though. I try to do as many different ones as I can so it isn’t the same thing over and over. I also add stuff now that I sort of know what I am doing.

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      1. Oh yes, and that is quite possibly quite the truth, l grew up watching miniatures and puppets in action like Thunderbirds but also with Letraset Action Transfers which were mm, best to show than try to explain ..

        Scenarios in which you could transfer images of your own, l was quite addicted to them as a youngster.

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      2. No, those were felt board characters. The colorforms were a super thin plastic “sticker” that you could move on a laminated background to make your own story. You could peel and restick them forever!

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      1. I’ve never seen those! I guess I will have to look! I have completed almost all of the kits, well those reasonably priced, that are on the market. If I sell them then I can always buy a new kit and make it again but I love to see people’s faces light up.

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    1. Last week I sold a miniature to someone in California. They said they wanted it to put on their album label. Not sure who it is or what the music is but I will be finding out. Thought I would share since you love music.

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