Book Store miniature


9 thoughts on “Book Store miniature

    1. Yes, it comes as a kit, just papers and other materials and you put everything together. A lot of folding and gluing. I am finally getting the hang of using wire to make things that look real. I love doing them. You have to have patience and be willing to do this tiny stuff. I have actually given a few as gifts and have been asked to make them and sell them made.

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    1. There are different kinds. Some are just little paper covers over wooden pieces. Others are strips of paper that you fold into the printed cover. They come printed with the kit, you just have to put them all together. For one model I had to make 45 small boxes! That is a lot of folding!.

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    1. I get all the kits online. They have them on multiple sights. Beware though! Compare prices. I have seen some sellers sell a kit on one site for $40 and on another site $80. They have the most with free shipping on Amazon and Ebay. Some sites also charge a lot for shipping which you don’t realize until you have already hit the “order now” button. If you really want to try one, try a Japanese shop first. They are less complicated than some of the other kits and you can get a feel for whether you like doing them or not.


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