Book Review: The Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden (The Collector Book 1) by [Dot Hutchison]

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The Butterfly Garden (The Collector Book 1) Kindle Edition

by Dot Hutchison  (Author)  Format: Kindle Edition

I had forgotten about this book until reading Lena’s Review of Stolen

The Butterfly Garden was an intense book about a garden where the butterflies are girls who have been kidnapped and are now being kept in the garden together. It is a book for adult readers.

Dot Hutchinson is a fantastic author and I recall trying to find more of her writing. I would give this story a 5 stars! It was a book that I could not put down!

I understand this isn’t the most informative review but the story was just bizarrely fantastic. I read it back in 2016 and I can still see the imagery in my mind that I had while reading the book.

Check it out on Amazon:
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