dVerse Poetics Playtime!

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OK, dVersers, it is time to play. Play pat-a-cake with the cat. Draw chalk cartoons on the sidewalk. Flirt in your head with your fantasy lover. Be a Formula One race car driver. Go out and dance under the moon with the faeries. Choose any which way and have fun with it!

One of my favorite things to do when I was a kid was read and I loved The Cat in the Hat. I have written my fair share of fan-fiction and when I saw this prompt I thought it would work well.

The Cat Comes To Play

The Cat in the Hat took out his bag
Something he took to the kids on the block
The bag had some things like marbles and jacks,
Barbies, and tickety-tockity clocks

He put on his dress up and offered the kids
some jewels and some real fancy shoes
He let them win games like chess and some cards
Even though he himself hated to lose

He had many books that he wanted to read
but he let the kids make up their mind
if they wanted to sit and read just like him
or hide in the places where he couldn’t find

The Cat in the Hat took the kids out to play
and brought chalk and ropes they had to jump
He thought that he’d win if he ran in the mud
but they laughed when he slipped and fell on his rump.

When time came to stop because Mom would be home
The Cat and the kids were so sad
But The Cat told the kids that he’d be back again soon
and what a great time he had had.

©2023 CBialczak

The Golden Onion

Written for The Carrot Ranch https://carrotranch.com/2023/02/27/february-27-story-challenge-in-99-words/


Once upon a time there was a sweet, kind, little worm
He lived in the soft dirt, where he squiggled and he squirmed
He found some long white roots, he found them growing in his path
He pulled down the sweet fruit, he washed it clean in a cool bath
He tasted the gold, round food, it tasted tangy but still nice
He would use it in his cooking, he would use it as a spice
The worm lived a long life in his deep, dark, frosty hole
He always kept his golden onion safely cradled in a bowl.

©2023 CBialczak

She Can’t Go: Compilation 02/23/2023

Although she’s still available
the details complicated too
Her lasciviousness attitude
left her lonely and quite blue
A wasted portion of the tickets
to attend shows she couldn’t bear
because the seats couldn’t handle
the size of her derriere.
A large reduction in the pricing
did nothing to ease her pain
About her avid eating habits
and all the weight she gained.

©2023 CBialczak

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Short, blissful day: Compilation 02/20/2023


The allure of the water, so crystal clear and blue
made my attempt at serenity actually come true
I reacted with elation, no need to feign my glee
The gauge of my happiness was easy for all to see
With twilight awaiting, near the sea, a slab of glass
I tried to interpret how time could go so fast
For the beauty in front of me was way beyond delight
Concluding my peaceful day before it came to night.

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Conspiracy: Compilation 01/27/2023

You live in a world where no Gods exist
where fantasy’s real and wishes will die
Nefarious creatures you face by the dozens
to do nothing more than than leer and tell lies.
But how do you yield to a power so bold
To lurch to the front of this crowd?
Without leaving truths spun so even and fine
yet speak in harsh words so terribly loud.
Time to throw in the towel, leave through the door
put the past far from that part of your mind
Of course the best path to take this time ’round
Verify any old clues you can easily find.

©2023 CBialczak

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Peacefulness: Compilation 01/24/23

A sweet little chirp to say hello
on a beautiful day near the sea
A sweep of the waves wash worry away
And let happiness build up inside me
No hostile thoughts can tear at my mind
For at the front of my mind love will be.

©2023 CBialczak

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A Horse in Armor: Compilation 01/19/2023

Armor for Man and Horse, Steel, leather, copper alloy, textile, Italian, Milan and Brescia

My actions seemed quite outrageous
I suppose you’d call them daft
to see my equine partner
bard in a coat and hat
The suit was made of armor
A fetish I admit
To see a horse so handsome
Disposable’d never fit
I swallowed any angst now
to point out my big guy
No cheater could they call me
Only authentic did I buy
He was the utmost handsome
I really must admit
But how can I clean real armor
when it’s full of horse’s shit?

©2023 CBialczak Poetry

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Winter’s Depth: Compilation 01/17/2023

Limbs pruned from the large, green pine
severed from the roots
cut so deeply
As if a door has shut out all light
and an immanent cold settles
All spatial reasoning gone
rationed by the falling snow
Any breath is a deviation
from the warmth
and beauty
of spring’s sweet air
and peaceful breeze

©2023 CBialczak Poetry

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Realization: Compilation 01/15/2023

Despite the manifestations
To determine a moment or two
Where gratitude is not held down
Where a strong stand is taken by you

The silence is suddenly broken
When gossip is shuffled around
People around shilly-shally
You shoulder the words and the sound

You wrap your arms around slowly
An afable look on your face
And find that the truth is the one thing
That can fill nearly all of the space

Your guard is suddenly broken
A powdery dust no longer seen
Like the blade of a knife that is bent
All severe feelings is how it has been

The situation is fine now
The look on your face shows a smile
The sweet minty taste on the pallet
Once again you have gone the whole mile.

©2023 CBialczak Poetry

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