“Return Addresses” Book review

Written by Michael McLellan

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“Return Addresses” by Michael McLellan is a fast-past, highly engaging read with many unexpected twists and turn giving a true depiction of life on the street for an orphaned young teen. . I couldn’t put the book down! 

The constantly moving plot revolves around a fourteen-year-old boy who loses just about everything he’s ever known. The author has depicted a true-to-life plot which moves swiftly, giving quick, deep glimpses into some of the worst scenarios a kid who has become an orphan can face. Each chapter is engaging, and the main character is constantly thrown into new situations. The author doesn’t drag anything out too far, so you never get bored with the read. All the characters are completely believable, as are the events in the story. Upon reading this I thought it was perhaps a Young Adult novel, but there is some adult content that parents may not want younger children to read. The idea of what Sean goes through is a good lesson for kids who “think” they have it bad.  

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. There were no spoilers and each event had a satisfying beginning and end. I recommend this book, especially to parents of teens who are going through the typical turbulent teenage years. Some good life lessons are depicted throughout the story.  

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