Book Review: Mother Knows Best

Mother Knows Best

A Novel of Suspense

By: Kira Peikoff

Mother Knows Best Audiobook By Kira Peikoff cover art

This is a great story with so many ethical questions that pertain to the advances in medicine and genetic testing. I give this story only three stars for one reason that barely relates to the plot and could be changed so easily; Abigail the young girl who becomes the center of controversy, to me is too knowledgeable for a kid her age.
The story itself is great and there are so many different aspects that are completely realistic. Abigail is a ten year old girl in the story and seems like she would be a bright child, being an only child. The problem is that the “way she talks” and the conclusion she comes to seem too advanced for such a young child. She is “able” to realize certain things that a child her age wouldn’t typically have any reason to know how to deal with.
Besides this aspect the plot is really good and you will not be disappointed at the end of this story!

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