Evil Habit

This poem is in response to #ekphrasticchallenge mentioned below.

folktober #ekphrasticchallenge. Day Sixteen. To celebrate the launch of my new poetry collection “As Folktaleteller” I am downloading 93 folklore art images, 3 per day in October and asking writers to write poetry or a short prose inspired by one, two or all three images. Please join Jane Dougherty, Jacqueline Dempsey-Cohen, Dave Garbutt, Merril Smith and I, plus those who react to the images on the day, as we explore images from folktales.

F 3.16 The Headless Nun

Her evil and dark envelope
as she haunts the night
preying on the innocent believers
hiding death under a gown

She walks with purpose
looking for the meek
longing for the ones
whose pride is hidden
in vestments of black

Beware the cover
where God is hidden
in a different place
not here in a chantry
to be cloaked
by an angel of hell

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

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