Book Review: When You Find Me

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When You Find Me by P.J. Vernon is a twisted, complex mysterious thriller that will keep you guessing and shock you at the end.  

Gray has gone home with her husband Paul, to Piper Point, the home she grew up in, to spend the holiday with her sister and mother. Unable to admit that her drinking is out of control, Gray has too much to drink and kisses her old boyfriend at the bar. Paul is furious but that is all Gray can recall; and now Paul is gone.  

The plot weaves through Gray’s binges and the introduction of Annie, the woman who might know what happened to Paul and why. Gray doesn’t know who Annie is but is willing to do anything to meet with her, to hear the truth.  

I give this story four out of five stars for its twists and turns, intriguing plot, and surprising conclusion. Vernon has found a way to keep the plot vague enough to keep the reader guessing and the characters evolving to keep the story moving. This is a must read if you want a surprise ending with a full bodied, suspenseful plot.  

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