Keep your hat on: Compilation 09/05/2022

Although they look comparable, that hat and that beret
The dichotomy of both these things are evident per se
One you wear when you go out to flounce about the town
The other can be on your crest to match a fancy gown
If I were there to supervise this passive little quest
I’d say the bonnet on my head really is the best

6 thoughts on “Keep your hat on: Compilation 09/05/2022

    1. I have a new llama going to the kiln later today. You will love him. What I am going to do when he gets done is put a “package” together on my shop for the llama and the 2 journals, a special price, but one “item” so there isn’t so much shipping. I will let you know when it is done. It is just like the one you liked but in a smaller version. If he comes out uncracked he is going to be so cute!

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