Not a First Date!: Compilation 08/17/2022

A mermaid and a tortoise were outside for a ride
Looking for a taxi cab and driver as their guide
Feeling taxed and achy because of his big shell
The timid tortoise trailed behind the girl he knew so well.
They knew of their commitments and opted for advice
On the most pervasive spot to get a drink that’s nice
The mermaid had a problem with loans she had to date
She wasn’t giving money, all repayments would be late
The tortoise was a writer who made just a few bucks
And retorted with an angry sigh as he saw the food trucks
He had more than his share of cash and wanted to dine out
The taxi man should have asked, but had seen the two with doubt
Now that they had stopped down here the pair just couldn’t wait
They ran from the old taxi cab, got their food and then they ate.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

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