Bath or No Bath: Compilation 08/28/2022

I’m on the straight and narrow as I follow down this path
Heading to the vet right now to give my dog a bath
This always is a challenge since my doggie growls lots
But if I fail to do this chore his skin will get hot spots
I wish the place was vacant like at night when no ones there
I breathe a sigh of relief and try to fix my hair
The fact I try concealing is slapstick to some folks
But building up a facade is like mountains with no slopes
I vicariously will cover regrets with a mock cape
Even though my ideas do not have a certain shape
I ask to use the toilet to erase my sweaty pits
Happy that they use a vent, while doggie waits and sits
This all sounds like a comedy with a genius who is stuck
I wish my body held its heat I really have no luck
But without obstructing further we head to the front door
Until I hear the barking, doggie’s sniffing at the floor
There is a tiny item hiding firmly by the wall
Is that a mouse or hamster? I think it is a vole
I tell doggie to leave it, they deserve the chance to live
After this I head back home, doggie’s bath I did not give.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Place – Vet
Emotion – Vicarious
Adjective – Vacant
Verb – Vent
My animal – Vole

Not a First Date!: Compilation 08/17/2022

A mermaid and a tortoise were outside for a ride
Looking for a taxi cab and driver as their guide
Feeling taxed and achy because of his big shell
The timid tortoise trailed behind the girl he knew so well.
They knew of their commitments and opted for advice
On the most pervasive spot to get a drink that’s nice
The mermaid had a problem with loans she had to date
She wasn’t giving money, all repayments would be late
The tortoise was a writer who made just a few bucks
And retorted with an angry sigh as he saw the food trucks
He had more than his share of cash and wanted to dine out
The taxi man should have asked, but had seen the two with doubt
Now that they had stopped down here the pair just couldn’t wait
They ran from the old taxi cab, got their food and then they ate.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

The Jewish Sugar-Glider: Compilation 08/07/2022

In a happy, little synagogue tucked up in the hills
there was a sugar-glider who mostly swam for thrills
He didn’t have the webbed feet like ducks and other birds
Soon he was just paddling no need for excess words.
He later went to Rabbi on a whim to seek a task
He wanted the whole testament, a bit afraid to ask
He knew he needed parchment to write down all the words
He understood it’s length was long, timing was absurd!
Nothing now could hinder him from learning his new faith
He didn’t seek approval so he waited ’til the eighth
For on this very special day the glider could perform
Surprising the old Rabbi as if swimming was the norm
He came to him quite slimy, his fur was feeling damp
But Rabbi said he loved the show, turning on his lamp.
What the Rabbi saw just then really made him blush
‘Cause Sugar-glider forgot his pants as he had tried to rush!

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

A Letter A Week – R: Farmer Brown

Your response needs to contain the letter of the week

Place – ranch

Emotion – regret

Adjective – ratty

Verb – raise

My animal – Rhino

In an old dirt barn on an old broke ranch
a rhino chewed an olive branch
The branch broke off and he’s upset
Killing trees causes him much regret
But in the zoo he’s safe and sound
Raised up off the muddy ground
In a ratty, broke, ramshackled shed
It looks like Farmer Brown is dead!

©2022 CBialczak

A Letter A Week – Q

Deb hosts A Letter A Week – join in here:

Q and this week’s prompts.

Place – Quarter

Emotion – quarrelsome

Adjective – quirky

Verb – query

My animal – quagga

The quagga went a walking
on plains that burnished brown
Quarrelsome and quirky
loving nothing that he found
In the quarters for the animals
he stays to take a rest
He queries an old zebra
who really looks the best.
But this got old much too fast
So on his way he went
He hoped that when he found his love
She’d scream he was a gent!

©2022 Cbialczak Poetry

A Letter A Week – P

Deb is the host of this writing challenge. I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks it seems but definitely check it out on her site.

So, onto P and this week’s prompts.

Place – playground
Emotion – passion
Adjective – perky
Verb – pacify
My animal – puffin

I’m not sure if I am supposed to but I always pick my own words…So here they are…

Place – Palace
Emotion – pissed
Adjective – pitiful
Verb – placate
My animal – Porcupine

The Poopy Porcupine

Little Mr. Porcupine was out on his first date
He wanted to get flowers but he thought that he’d be late
He drove up to the palace to find his pretty lass
But he looked somewhat pitiful, with poo all on his ass
The lady he had picked up tried to placate this young lad
But he was super pissed by then, the date was going bad.
He left her by the washroom while he cleaned up the bad mess
And when the date was over she said she’d liked him none the less.

©2022 CBialczak Pooetry (Poetry)

A Letter A Week: M – Holy Mole-y!

Nope, Not Pam hosts A Letter A Week. Join in here:

My words: place – monastery, emotion – mad, adjective – magnificent, verb – met, animal – mole

A mole in a hole is a normal event
but a rodent who prays is not
I met a magnificent mole today
and oh, what a shock I got!
She lives all alone in a bedroom for one
in a monastery up on a hill
She never gets mad and has lots of friends
And cools pies on her small window sill.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Memories: Compilation 06/20/2022

Before I could make a colossal mistake
I went to my laboratory wondering just what to make
I thought of achievements and those of my kids
I looked for recognition in everything they did.
Listlessly sitting under long bright white lights
a milestone reminded me of a time of a fright
A leopard had lumbered its way in my head
A display of lactation while I lay in my bed
Sort of a nuance the vision soon cleared
and I realized my daughter was where I most feared.
Alone in the kitchen with only the cats
Lapping up milk and softly giving them pats
I leapt out of bed and threw on my clothes
Reminded I thankfully washed the floor, I suppose.
Forgetting the mess and only laughter ensued
Thought my jovial reputation was what I couldn’t out-do

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

A Letter A Week – K

Nope, Not Pam is the host of “A Letter A Week” and this week is K.

Place – Krakow

Emotion – keen

Adjective – knockout

Verb – keep

My animal – Kiwi

In a land so far from me
a place called Krakow holds my roots
A knockout lady keen on men
Her lover wearing army boots
He keeps her safe and loves her much
Their world will surely shift
When Hitler comes to get them all
and Kiwi birds are silly gifts.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

A Letter A Week

Deb is the host of A Letter A Week and this weeks letter is J.

My words:
Place – jail
Emotion – jealous
Adjective – jovial
Verb – jam
My animal – Jackdaw

Being in a state of stress
the Jackdaw was a jealous mess
He landed his own self in jail
when jamming dirt onto that snail
But little did he know back then
That shells are filled with lil’ snail men
And when you push the dirt up tight
They put up quite a nasty fight
‘Cause that’s their home and they won’t go
They’ll chase you out, although they’re slow
So leave the shells right on the beach
This is a lesson I’m proud to teach
Someday I’ll be a jovial bird
Don’t let my story go unheard!

©2022 CBialczak Poetry