Our Singing Group: Compilation 06/11/2022

Gather round and listen well to what I’ve got to say
I represent a choir group who gets along to play
From 80’s rock to classical the group creates great sound
Their music’s heard amid big groups, where families are found
We sing at dinners and couples lunch but pause during nuptials
We run to use the loo as we are tense when nature calls
The groups preoccupation with swing dancing is real fun
Our guests hear our loud music and to the dance floor they all run
I’d like to say we pick the songs the families like the best
But often binge on Disco and the blues to fill the rest
We haven’t any problems as we are a group that’s liked
Since we aren’t like the bands who keep their prices hiked
So when you want a group to sing and make your party fun
Call us and just book a date ’cause we are the right one!

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

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