Utopian Relief: Compilation 08/03/2022

Invariably direct, the enemy proceeds
In tempo with the steps, measured-out stride speeds
A classic kind of surge, movement towards the top
Flushing out the meager, not willing them to stop
Remunerated gifts get handed to the crowd
Surreal sounds arise, cheers becoming loud
A melancholy lull comes down to stunt the noise
Little girls and boys stay quiet with their toys
Time has come to leave, some people are content
A historical milestone, a memorable event

What a Day!: Compilation June 11, 2022

Call it retrograde amnesia or just a flickering impulse
I conjured up my strength, as if I were someone else
My friends they did not know me, my family they would say
But I attribute all my happiness to that crazy single day
It started as a gaffe but soon turned into a cruel hunch
Disguising my whole face as I stalked away to lunch
To elevate my mood in this rare prolific phase
I sighed and ate my sandwich as I looked off in a haze
A mystery unfolding was putting all my strength on hold
The magic of a master was all that I was told
Ejected from his alter and landing with a thud
I saw my pet go flying, then a monsoon of his blood
I ran back through the hallway, the library was in sight
I didn’t leave a line of crumbs nor turn on any lights.
I hid among the books so afraid that I’d be seen
What a nightmare of a morning this day has truly been
I escaped out through a window and climbed down a brick wall
I didn’t want to wait for more I know I couldn’t stall
Suddenly I woke up, not knowing where I was
Grateful that the only thing was my alarm’s loud buzz 

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

The Cook: Compilation 07/08/2022

There was a little imp who liked to talk of food
a furtive little man, thought his was really good
an impetuous fellow who recollects his fave
employing all his wits for temptation he did cave
a bloviated rant loudly speaking of wet stuff
like a train whistle coming through a fog of smoky stuff
he dries his little face as he thinks about his past
knowing that he’d have to cook to make his boasting last.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Road Trip: Compilation 07/07/2022

On a green verdant hill in the vast countryside
a presidential vehicle, driving fast, slowed its ride
Responsibility from aides shouted, “go by fast”
but in exercising the law this man screamed out at last
the man shouted, “no!” and said that he wanted to see
what was in a dark hole in a big, old oak tree.
He knew he should waiver or lest he be drawn
into the brambles that spread all around on the lawn.
a twig poked out, then it snapped with a crack
but in his dark mind, the twig pursued fighting back.
He quickly raised an arm to safely shield his dark face
surveying all the land to find a quick hiding place.
He turned to his right and saw a clown standing by
Horror filled his whole face and let out a strange cry
Running away towards the cars open door, he ran fast
Knowing he’d better get away or this trip’d be his last.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Love: Compilation 07/06/2022

feelings, pliant, lead, name, collar, hark, improve, banter, ancient

Feeling lead weighing me down
I banter on about my life
My pliant ways to improve myself
and ancient ways avoiding strife
The name I see along the way
helps collar any loss I know
for hark, a voice I love to hear
one to light my face aglow
And in the distance there you are
setting my whole world afire
fulfilling all my hopes and dreams
my love for you will never tire.

©2022 CBialczak poetry

Trying my best: Compilation 07/05/2022


A chip of chalcedony, handled with two hands
ambidextrous fondling, tenacity expands
Like a vaccination shot released, a controversial dose
Provenance is here but gone, a chip of history’s close
Training to the naked eye, food for thought ingest
Like macaroni for the feast, I merely try my best.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Haunted House: Compilation 07/01/2022

In a house down the street with an unearthly vibe
Desperation is seen in the cracks on the sills
A camera click is a sign of the times
That discourse is present, not basic thrills
The plants all around find nutrition complete
in the rot and the moss on each block
A cougar could starve as nothing survives
but a clever frog under a rock.
No variation exists in this beat up old home
no more life will be present again
but watch for yourself the eery green glow
and the voices of ageless, dead men.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

A Peaceful Feeling: Compilation 06/30/2022

Its a terrific day to bypass the world and languish what’s needing to be
Done are the days of silly cartoons dangling fake lives ‘front of me
I bend to the floor, escaping the lights, from the moon accessible through the blinds
My stonewashed jeans are clean and are dry and nothing weighs on my mind
The opalescence in this worldwide debut is the beauty of an angel’s halo
A zeitgeist of long gone serenity waits while dreams of a utopia grow.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Go Home: Compilation 06/27/2022

Although the feeling all around was a melancholy mood
The policy of folks like me was fastidious and good
The swell of hope I felt that day diminished in a flash
While standing on the center lane, no barriers to dash
The happiness just slipped away to crush my vivid dream
Like oil on a flabby piece of skin in need of cream
Luck would have it no one else here seemed to see me cry
Except for one lone shaming man, I felt like I would die.
I tried to turn but felt real stuck with sorrow and some pain
Jumping now would do no good, there wasn’t any gain.
So here I stood aside the man, a standstill in my head
Realizing my day was done, so I left and went to bed.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Judgment: Compilation 6/25/2022

I may be tone-deaf as you say but scrutiny gets you lost
an eponymous pattern for which you see, but really at what cost?
I produce words and phrases here to get me on a route
like mud and reeds go searching in a marsh for land to suit.
The insight that you’ve given me with speed and acuity
reminds me of my childhood friends and what they meant to me.
So here we stop at a junction place where speed defies no one
and think of hent in terms of life but where is all the fun?
Let’s stop and say we are both here for similar success
But I will surely put you down since my writing is the best.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry