The Scientist: A story using multiple challenges/prompts.


He took the glass and held it up to the light. The potion he had made had been concocted of sweat and tears. He knew it had to be authentic to work. Dropping a glass bead into the bottom of the beaker he started to swirl the liquid, mixing it slowly; stirred, never shaken. Exercising caution, the man put the beaker down on the stand.  

At just that moment something caught his eye. As he was looking out his front door he saw a bright thing in the yard. It sparkled and danced in the sunlight. It was the crystal hanging around the neck of his muse, his love, his life. She danced while she walked, showing a sweetness that only someone as pure as she could display. He knew at that moment no potion would be needed. He had everything right in front of him.  

©2020 CBialczak

For the following challenges and prompts:
1. FOWC: glass
3. Word of the day: muse
4. RDP: Looking out my front door
5. Thursday Inspiration #44: Potion
6. A New Daily Challenge: One bright thing

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