WIP Challenge: Waves of Love

Awww February, the month of love!!!

Love can be felt in waves, expressed in waves, and even indulge in by the waves. So, this months WIP Challenge was actually pretty easy to decide on. Let’s write some scenes that celebrate the love of our characters in waves, by the waves, however you want them to have a wave-fully climax so to speak. For: https://didioviatt.wordpress.com/2020/02/02/feb-wip-challenge-waves-of-love/

Betsy knelt in the sand, feeling the grains pushing into her knees. Reaching down she scooped up a handful of the white powder and let it slowly slip out between her fingers. The warmth of sand felt good in her chilly palm. Slowly, leaning forward onto all fours, Betsy began to crawl toward the sound of the water lapping against the shore.

David watched Betsy as she explored the sand through her hands. Without sight, Betsy learned the world in a different way. She felt the world, it’s textures, it’s temperatures. David brought Betsy here because it had been years since they were able to come to the shore. After her accident leaving the house seemed to be more work for her than enjoyment. But now, she was stronger and was wanting to get back out and explore the world she once knew.

Betsy continued creeping along the sand. Stopping to touch a shell here or a stone there. She never complained about the sand digging into her soft knees. She just let the earth come to her, show her what it had to offer, present her with the world she once knew, but had to learn again.

©2020 CBialczak

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