The Scientist: A story using multiple challenges/prompts.


He took the glass and held it up to the light. The potion he had made had been concocted of sweat and tears. He knew it had to be authentic to work. Dropping a glass bead into the bottom of the beaker he started to swirl the liquid, mixing it slowly; stirred, never shaken. Exercising caution, the man put the beaker down on the stand.  

At just that moment something caught his eye. As he was looking out his front door he saw a bright thing in the yard. It sparkled and danced in the sunlight. It was the crystal hanging around the neck of his muse, his love, his life. She danced while she walked, showing a sweetness that only someone as pure as she could display. He knew at that moment no potion would be needed. He had everything right in front of him.  

©2020 CBialczak

For the following challenges and prompts:
1. FOWC: glass
3. Word of the day: muse
4. RDP: Looking out my front door
5. Thursday Inspiration #44: Potion
6. A New Daily Challenge: One bright thing

FOWC with Fandango: Paper


Paper is a product 

Used most every day 

By every man and child 

And then just thrown away. 

Do you know it comes from? 

Trees that grow quite tall 

But trees take years to get there 

Before they take that fall. 

If we keep on cutting 

The trees to make our stuff 

The animals will suffer 

For there won’t be enough. 

Please look at what’s happened 

On the far side of the world 

The trees are being burnt down 

Fires are unfurled.  

Koalas and our kangaroos 

Are dying one by one 

Fire fighters aren’t  

Having any fun.  

So, think about the outcome 

When throwing stuff away 

Is there a way to reuse  your stuff? 

We need our trees to stay!  

©2020 C Bialczak 

FOWC with Fandango


Don’t Worry

Up against the cool stone wall  
The buttress gives support 
As surely as your best job done 
Boss gives a good report.  

If that wall falls in on you 
So that it crushed your soul 
Push it aside, find a new rock 
And let those bad feelings roll. 

You can’t live life so worried 
That you aren’t doing the best. 
There are plenty of others 
Who have always done much less.  

FOWC with Fandango: Plant

Once upon a time there was a boy who wanted to grow a beanstalk. He decided to research all of the things he would need to make sure his plant was healthy and grew as much as it could. The boy did his research and bought all of the materials he needed. He set up his planting area and tended to his planting. The beanstalk grew and grew. When it was almost big enough for him to climb, the giant came and chopped that beanstalk down. The boy was crushed. He cried and cried. All of his work, wasted!

The giant, who had learned about the beanstalk that was being grown, found the idea of this beanstalk atrocious! Without even thinking he went and he cut that beanstalk down. He didn’t think about the time the boy had put into planning his growing. The giant didn’t think of the pride that went along with the growth of the beanstalk. The giant hadn’t been thinking and unfortunately didn’t have anyone he could talk to. This led to what he did. He cut that beanstalk down.

Now the boy has moved on but the giant continues to cry. He is sad that the boy was upset. He is sad that the boy has gone away. He is sad he didn’t think first about what he was doing before making such a rash decision. The giant lives with this and because the boy has gone away, the giant is afraid that he will have to live with this sorrow forever.

Perhaps someday the giant can forgive himself for what he had done. Would you forgive him?

FOWC with Fandango: wage

I’m Sorry 

Once when I was younger 

I had a special job. 

My job was to remember  

Not to be a snob. 

I tried so hard to hide it, 

That cocky attitude. 

I found myself relentless, 

Selfish, mean, and rude. 

I want to change my ways now 

So that I can feel more free 

I want to say I’m sorry  

Not for my sake, not for me. 

I want to say I’m sorry  

I know it was real hard 

Whether working for small wages 

Or just coming to my yard.  

I want to say I love you  

No matter what you do or say. 

I will try hard to remember this  

today will be your day.  

FOWC with Fandango: root


Some roots grow high and roots grow long 

Some roots are weak and others strong. 

The strength of the strongest trees, too 

Lead to longer tree lives, who knew? 

When trees grow down into the ground 

We see the top, the leaves are found 

Blowing during the windy day. 

That one tall tree is there to stay. 

But what about the weakest one? 

Will the wind decide it all done? 

If there’s weakness, help with a stake 

A sort of tightrope you will make. 

The tree will praise you by new growth 

Then go enjoy not one, but both!

FOWC with Fandango: harness

Harness your patience 

When the wind is very windy 
And the snow won’t stop to snow 
Its time to harness great patience 
As any sun-lover’d know.  

Don’t try looking out the door 
Or down the paved driveway 
You’ll get depressed and very sad 
‘Cause the snow is gonna stay.  

FOWC with Fandango


I wonder what people in heaven are thinking when they see almost 95% of a filled restaurant on portable devices, showing moving pictures, playing games, talking back to them? Do they find it strange that humans can no longer live for more than a few minutes without a portable phone out and in use? Do you think we look a little dumb?

FOWC with Fandango


Time to reflect 

Some people call it a way to unwind 

I can it sitting on my own behind. 

Listening to birds as they fly through the sky 

Waiting for night time and bats to fly by. 

When all of the cigarette turns into ash 

It is time to go put that old butt in the trash.  

One butt goes up as another goes down 

Looks like the drops of the tears of a clown. 

So I just sit with no cigs and no drink 

Sit here and wonder what else I can think.