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Paula is the host of The Monday Peeve, everyone’s chance to get it off their chest!

I have absolutely no patience when I am out shopping and someone is taking up the whole aisle by standing in the middle and don’t notice or don’t care that I would like to get by and they do nothing. I get it if it is a momentary lapse, I have done that too, but if you are standing there with me waiting for more than lets say, 30-40 seconds, you know I’m there and you are too into yourself to care. Really elderly people don’t bother me, nor do people who are struggling with something in someway. I can understand the obstacles of busy shopping.

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I know this is an old complaint but I still can’t stand it..

I can’t stand it when people are talking on their phones in a store. I get it if you want to get the name of the brand your partner wanted or maybe you found something on Clearance your husband might love,,,

But I’m talking about “Well, I was going to make dinner for just me and Brad but his dad callled…Yeah I know…What?! Are you kidding me? Oh, well this is how I would’ve handled it”

I really don’t want to hear your plans or you bad mouthing your best friends’ brother’s wife’s second born son.

The Monday Peeve

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I walk my dog every day. I used to walk him multiple times but have gotten lazy so now I only bring him for a walk once a day. He likes to go because he knows it is finally time to poop.

Living in this small community, picking up after your dog is not only the law but it is about respect and cleanliness. So my biggest peeve is when not only do the dog owners NOT pick up the poop but when they let their dogs poop on the sidewalk and don’t pick it up. I see where people have let their dogs poop on someone else’s lawn and leave it but on the sidewalk? Maybe the people who do it have run out of poop bags. Maybe they are not paying attention.

When I see this I think of anyone playing or doing yard work and the last thing you want is to pick up poop in your hand by accident. I have only left poop twice when I didn’t have a poop bag but went back later and got it. Poop is my least favorite “thing” to deal with but it is what it is because I am a dog owner.

The Monday Peeve

Paula is the host of The Monday Peeve, your chance to rant about what you need to get off your chest!

My peeve is when people make commitments and then don’t follow through. Today I had some errands to run, a doctor’s appointment, and had to get blood drawn. I tried rushing through after my doctors appointment lasted longer than I had anticipated because I knew I needed to be home for the window company that stopped by on Saturday. They knocked on my door, the young man gave his spiel, we were on speaker phone with the woman to confirm our appointment for today at 5:00 pm. At 4:50 I made sure I cleaned off the dining room table and took the dog out so he wouldn’t bother us. I sat and waited, wanting to make dinner but not wanting to start and then not finish, and I had to call a realtor who was trying to contact me. At 6:03 I started making dinner. No one ever came, no one ever called. Now, what I thought would be a great company to look into for new windows and doors is checked off my list. If they can’t even call then what happens if one of my windows leaks?

The Monday Peeve

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This is your chance to rant about what aggravates you the most…

I’m sitting here trying to conjure up something that aggravates me. Maybe that means I shouldn’t participate this week until I remembered one thing from last night’s trip to Walmart. Why are the aisles so narrow and packed so much that you can’t even walk out of an aisle without nearly hitting another cart and having to apologize. Why do I have to apologize because I am done in the chip aisle? Who should apologize? The person walking past the aisle entrances is simply walking by because they don’t need to go down that aisle. Is that the crime? Should there be a set path through a store, a set direction you have to go in so no one is crashing carts? I don’t mind apologizing. I don’t mean to hit anyone with my cart! It seems like, for whatever the reason this doesn’t happen at Publix. The aisles are sometimes even so narrow that the cart handles hit.

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Paula is the host of the Monday Peeve and lo and behold it is perfect timing.

When I am out in public or talking to someone on the telephone I am careful to sound polite and respond appropriately, as the majority of the public treat salespeople and customer service people like crap. The other day I got off the phone with someone (can’t recall what I was inquiring about) and David said, “You are probably the nicest person they have talked to all day”. Which brings me to this morning…

I have a customer who is purchasing a miniature and would like it delivered on a specific day. I told the customer I would check with USPS and UPS to find out what services they offer. Now, I live in a small village and although I’ve only been here about 6 months I have been in the post office I don’t know how many times, shipping out packages. They know me, maybe not by name, but by face and box size…So I go up to one of the tellers, not the usual guy, and ask if there is a way to guarantee that a package can get delivered on one specific day. He told me no. So I rephrased my question to ask if there was a way to guarantee the delivery even though I was sure it would be costly. He told me “overnight it”. Okay. So I said, “I need it to get there the 29th, a Monday”. He said, “There is no guarantee”. So I said, “No, I mean for overnight”. I went on to ask, “So if that is the case then I should come back on Saturday to get it there by Monday, and he got all pissy with me and said, “There is no guarantee and if you send it today overnight it will get there tomorrow.” So, I said, “I understand, but I would have to come Saturday because you are closed Sunday, so the packaage gets there Monday?” And he got pissy again and said, “No, we are NOT open on Sunday!”

Okay, I get you are under a lot of stress but really? He didn’t even have to do anything except type in a few numbers on. his computer.

I was being nice. Can’t you at least be nice back?

The Monday Peeve

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So, now for mine….

As far as blogging goes…I wish there was an easier way to find old posts. There are some that I look for that I am not able to find no matter how I go about the search.

In the real world…I can’t stand that people who walk their dogs and they see that their dog wants to say hello to my dog shuffle them off as if I look like a serial killer walking Cujo. If you walk your dog and you have seen me more than once, meaning I probably live near here, then can’t you just let your dog say hello to my dog so they get it over with? Once my dog has met another dog he could care less…It’s just that initial sniff that he wants, probably to make sure we don’t get confronted by Cujo. I know not everyone wants to stop and be that social and there are times that both dogs seem to care less. I am just talking about the times that the dogs are trying to get to one another to the extent that they are still looking over their shoulders as you walk past. I guess I just think that if you are walking in public that means that you are not opposed to having public interactions.

The Monday Peeve

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You know what bugs me? When someone sends me a text and asks me a question….I answer….then nothing! Why’d you bother asking me something if you don’t care about the response? But you know what is even worse? I’ve done it!!!! I’ve asked how someone is and I honestly don’t really have any interest in knowing the answer. I mean if there was something bad going on I would’ve probably been told by someone and of course I would care but to just hear “I’m fine”….blah, blah, blah.

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The Monday Peeve

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Where my dad lives…

So, my father is in a memory care unit and it is very well kept. Everyday the residents are taken off the floor where their rooms are and brought down to the Recreation Floor. This floor is huge and has many different spaces including a fake inside garden equipped with bird sounds. This Recreation Floor is on the 2nd floor.

My peeve is that my dad’s “apartment” is on the 3rd floor. The only way to get from floor to floor is with a key card that the workers have on their lanyards. That is fine, I get that they don’t want any escapees but you have to hope someone is free if you are stuck on a floor.

Last week I did my dad’s laundry. I brought it back and wanted to put it all away in his room. I went to the 3rd floor and put it away. I then wanted to get down to the second floor to see me dad. There were two people working on the 3rd floor with two residents. I asked them if they could let me down but they said they were occupational therapists and didn’t have a keycard. I called the front desk. The nice woman at the front desk said she would call someone on the second floor to come get us. Ten minutes later David and I are still waiting in the hallway. I called the desk again and the woman apologized. Someone came quickly that time. We visited with my dad and then had to find someone to let us back on the elevator to get back down to the main floor.

I wish they would just loan us a key card when we visit! We won’t let any residents out!!! We promise!

Paula’s Monday Peeve

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Paula mentions the state of the public roads…

There is so much construction around me that I wonder how they think they can even man so many jobs! They have roads closed all over the county and you can’t tell me they have enough workers to work on all these spots at one time. Why close all the roads? Why not leave them alone until they are ready to work on them? And in those spots, why go back to two lanes only to go back down to one lane 50 feet ahead? A bad joke? A way to see who the impatient people are? Maybe public transportation shouldn’t be scarce or expensive, cut down on some of the drivers. You know, I don’t know what it is like in other countries but here in the US I find that there are so many cars and trucks all day and night! There is never a quiet highway.