The Monday Peeve

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I’m sitting here trying to conjure up something that aggravates me. Maybe that means I shouldn’t participate this week until I remembered one thing from last night’s trip to Walmart. Why are the aisles so narrow and packed so much that you can’t even walk out of an aisle without nearly hitting another cart and having to apologize. Why do I have to apologize because I am done in the chip aisle? Who should apologize? The person walking past the aisle entrances is simply walking by because they don’t need to go down that aisle. Is that the crime? Should there be a set path through a store, a set direction you have to go in so no one is crashing carts? I don’t mind apologizing. I don’t mean to hit anyone with my cart! It seems like, for whatever the reason this doesn’t happen at Publix. The aisles are sometimes even so narrow that the cart handles hit.

12 thoughts on “The Monday Peeve

  1. I didn’t like Publix at first when they came to Atlanta, but they are especially nice stores, and their baked goods are tremendous. I like their sandwiches and fried chicken, too, and the produce is fantastic. They do a great job of laying out the store, too, especially the width of the aisles.

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