The Monday Peeve

TMP monday peeve kitty cat

Paula hosts this wonderful way of starting the week…clearing your head of the crap that is bugging you. Check it out at her site

So, now for mine….

As far as blogging goes…I wish there was an easier way to find old posts. There are some that I look for that I am not able to find no matter how I go about the search.

In the real world…I can’t stand that people who walk their dogs and they see that their dog wants to say hello to my dog shuffle them off as if I look like a serial killer walking Cujo. If you walk your dog and you have seen me more than once, meaning I probably live near here, then can’t you just let your dog say hello to my dog so they get it over with? Once my dog has met another dog he could care less…It’s just that initial sniff that he wants, probably to make sure we don’t get confronted by Cujo. I know not everyone wants to stop and be that social and there are times that both dogs seem to care less. I am just talking about the times that the dogs are trying to get to one another to the extent that they are still looking over their shoulders as you walk past. I guess I just think that if you are walking in public that means that you are not opposed to having public interactions.

5 thoughts on “The Monday Peeve

  1. Oh I so agree with you about some dog owners! We saw our local pyrennian mountain dog nose to nose with a shih tsu. The little dog was hardly bigger than his nose and was fascinated by the larger one who was so gentle it was wonderful to watch. The next day we saw the same gentle giant’s owner being grilled by a guy on a mobility scooter with a crossbreed dog saying he never lets any large dog near his. The pyrennian was lying on the grass completely ignoring both dog and owner.
    I also hate to see someone scoop their dog up in their arms every time someone with another comes in their direction. IMO it does not help at all with socialising them.
    We always used to encourage Maggie to say Hi to other dogs, or other dogs to say Hi to her, though we were always watchful in her later years due to her blind spot as she could ‘warn’ first if they came up on her wrong side.

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