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My peeve is when people make commitments and then don’t follow through. Today I had some errands to run, a doctor’s appointment, and had to get blood drawn. I tried rushing through after my doctors appointment lasted longer than I had anticipated because I knew I needed to be home for the window company that stopped by on Saturday. They knocked on my door, the young man gave his spiel, we were on speaker phone with the woman to confirm our appointment for today at 5:00 pm. At 4:50 I made sure I cleaned off the dining room table and took the dog out so he wouldn’t bother us. I sat and waited, wanting to make dinner but not wanting to start and then not finish, and I had to call a realtor who was trying to contact me. At 6:03 I started making dinner. No one ever came, no one ever called. Now, what I thought would be a great company to look into for new windows and doors is checked off my list. If they can’t even call then what happens if one of my windows leaks?

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    1. I never even updated that but about a week later I got a text saying “Hi this is so and so, and I want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to come into your home and blah, blah, blah. Well, my response was…”No one came, no one called, we will not do business with your company”. So they responded, we will give you and extra $500 off if you give us a second chance. Well, if that is how they manage their business they are going to be out of business before I get any windows or doors installed! They are a new business or something. The thing that we like was that they would give you a quote on all your windows and doors but the quote would be good for 7 years, so they must order them, leave them in a warehouse, and sit with them, because there is no way they can make money like that with inflation.

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