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Paula hosts the Monday Peeve:

Where my dad lives…

So, my father is in a memory care unit and it is very well kept. Everyday the residents are taken off the floor where their rooms are and brought down to the Recreation Floor. This floor is huge and has many different spaces including a fake inside garden equipped with bird sounds. This Recreation Floor is on the 2nd floor.

My peeve is that my dad’s “apartment” is on the 3rd floor. The only way to get from floor to floor is with a key card that the workers have on their lanyards. That is fine, I get that they don’t want any escapees but you have to hope someone is free if you are stuck on a floor.

Last week I did my dad’s laundry. I brought it back and wanted to put it all away in his room. I went to the 3rd floor and put it away. I then wanted to get down to the second floor to see me dad. There were two people working on the 3rd floor with two residents. I asked them if they could let me down but they said they were occupational therapists and didn’t have a keycard. I called the front desk. The nice woman at the front desk said she would call someone on the second floor to come get us. Ten minutes later David and I are still waiting in the hallway. I called the desk again and the woman apologized. Someone came quickly that time. We visited with my dad and then had to find someone to let us back on the elevator to get back down to the main floor.

I wish they would just loan us a key card when we visit! We won’t let any residents out!!! We promise!

5 thoughts on “The Monday Peeve

  1. That is sad. I visited my friend’s mother with her. We went to have a little walk in the courtyard. Her mother was old and her legs weak. As we were walking her mother wanted to rest but they had removed all the chairs and benches. We managed to get back to the door but had to wait for someone to let us in! She was exhausted and could barely make it back to her bed. When we asked, it was explained that they had a resident who stacked up the benches and chairs so that they could scale the wall to escape! So no more places to sit.

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  2. It’s that whole ‘if we do it for one we’ll have to do it for everyone’, that’s really annoying in scenarios like this. Rather than looking at each individual case, which would take time and attention, it’s just referred back to ‘policy’.

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