The Monday Peeve

TMP99: Lemonades

Paula is the host of The Monday Peeve, everyone’s chance to get it off their chest!

I have absolutely no patience when I am out shopping and someone is taking up the whole aisle by standing in the middle and don’t notice or don’t care that I would like to get by and they do nothing. I get it if it is a momentary lapse, I have done that too, but if you are standing there with me waiting for more than lets say, 30-40 seconds, you know I’m there and you are too into yourself to care. Really elderly people don’t bother me, nor do people who are struggling with something in someway. I can understand the obstacles of busy shopping.

8 thoughts on “The Monday Peeve

  1. I used to be a lot more patient with this sort of thing when I was younger – early childhood training of, ‘don’t make a fuss’, I suppose – but these days I’ll wait for a few beats and then say, loudly and in my best Aussie accent. ‘Oi, Sunshine. Use it or lose it.’ … that does tend to get them moving. 😀 … the crowning factor is I accompany it with a big grin, which is completely discombobulating. They just don’t know what to make of me. 😀

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