The Monday Peeve

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I walk my dog every day. I used to walk him multiple times but have gotten lazy so now I only bring him for a walk once a day. He likes to go because he knows it is finally time to poop.

Living in this small community, picking up after your dog is not only the law but it is about respect and cleanliness. So my biggest peeve is when not only do the dog owners NOT pick up the poop but when they let their dogs poop on the sidewalk and don’t pick it up. I see where people have let their dogs poop on someone else’s lawn and leave it but on the sidewalk? Maybe the people who do it have run out of poop bags. Maybe they are not paying attention.

When I see this I think of anyone playing or doing yard work and the last thing you want is to pick up poop in your hand by accident. I have only left poop twice when I didn’t have a poop bag but went back later and got it. Poop is my least favorite “thing” to deal with but it is what it is because I am a dog owner.

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    1. Back when my kids were little we lived on a corner lot. The people across the street from us would let their dog poop in the leaves on the side of the yard where the fence was. One time I was trying to clean up the leaves and realized it. That was so gross and I never touched the leaves again.


  1. Perhaps we were slack, but we’d pick it up if we were near any ovals, footpaths etc, but my dog used to hide, she’d run right into the back of the field. I’d troop after her, but half the time I’d be hunting around under trees and I couldn’t find it.

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  2. It’s my biggest peeve too about visitors to the town. Not only do they not clear up after themselves, but also not after their dogs. Poop is everywhere, and is trodden in, ridden in, wheeled in, and so smeared for yards. We are supposed to pickup after our pets, and if we do not have the means to on our person when walking the dog, we can be fined. Like you, my dog had pooped on someone;s lawn and I didn’t have the means to clear it up. It was not one of the solid variety, so I came back with a watering can and brush. I have seen poo by the poo bin, poo in a bag by the poo bin, poo bags ON the top of the poo bin, but last year someone had taken the poo bin off its bracket and put it OVER their poo bag. That bin was demolished by a drunk driver in November and we now have a free standing one.

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    1. I have a separate garbage can to put the poop bags in but I hate picking up poop and I still do it! Who wants other dogs poop? I think it is just selfish and inconsiderate if are somewhere where someone is apt to walk over it or ride over it. Sometimes hiking trails will give the dog the opportunity to go off the trail and poop in the woods. No problem there but don’t leave it on the trail!


      1. That’s why I have a separate little one. We don’t have any public ones near here and when we first moved in I was just throwing the bags in the regular trash and by the following week the pail smelled so horrible! I now use a small metal pail with special plastic bags so on garbage day I just close the one bag up and put it in the trash.


      2. Our regular household waste is collected fortnightly, but the dogs bins are emptied every day and we have three within walking distance. of our house so we’re lucky. We tried a garden ‘doggy loo’ which was buried but it didn’t work. In the cottage, we kept the poo in a separate chimney pot until collection day which is a similar idea to yours. Waste was collected weekly then.

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  3. That is so inconsiderate! Here, we sometimes see people with their dog off leash in areas where they should be leashed, which is also rude as they can’t control the doggy. I don’t want a big strange dog in my face! We do have some areas where off leash is allowed, so they should go there!

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    1. Well, after Brody got attacked a few months ago, I get really nervous if I see a dog without an owner. I have pepper spray just in case. Once in a while, I see little tiny dogs but even they are on leashes. It is very inconsiderate especially because many people are afraid of dogs and for good reason.

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      1. I will never forget the time when my kids were tiny and I saw something on the rug. I thought it was a raisin. Good thing I picked it up! It was aa tick from off one of the dogs! I almost threw up and to this day whenever I see something resembling that I think of that day!

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