The Monday Peeve (TMP92: Auto Refresh)

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I know this is an old complaint but I still can’t stand it..

I can’t stand it when people are talking on their phones in a store. I get it if you want to get the name of the brand your partner wanted or maybe you found something on Clearance your husband might love,,,

But I’m talking about “Well, I was going to make dinner for just me and Brad but his dad callled…Yeah I know…What?! Are you kidding me? Oh, well this is how I would’ve handled it”

I really don’t want to hear your plans or you bad mouthing your best friends’ brother’s wife’s second born son.

12 thoughts on “The Monday Peeve (TMP92: Auto Refresh)

  1. Especially in a theatre during a movie.  A woman behind me recited her grocery list to the phone.  Why don’t they just step out?  People are getting ruder every day

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