Truthful Tuesday 20th December

Di at pensitivity101 is also hosting Truthful Tuesday. I say also because she now hosts Share Your World, Fibbing Friday on alternate Fridays, and Three Thing Challenge. Anyhow, you can join in here:

My question this week is

Do you enjoy taking part in other bloggers challenges?
Do you prefer a picture or word/sentence/question prompt?

I love taking part in challenges of all kinds! I like that there are different ones and sometimes I find that I get hooked on a few for a while until it peters out. I used to try to do all the writing prompt/challenges separately until I saw other bloggers, like Fandango, who combine a bunch of them. There are days that I can sit here and do one after the other after the other and other days I do one or two and don’t feel like doing any more. Funny though, I forget about some of them and won’t do them until they pop up in my feed randomly. I used to keep a chart but then it had cross-outs and scribbles and I don’t like papers that look like that, lol. 🤪

16 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday 20th December

  1. If I can’t compose something for all ten (15?) items, I can’t publish something partly done. I’m now considering caching some from here, and some from there, and assembling a DIY version. Could have the group wondering even more strongly about my mental state. 😉

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      1. I was going to (humourously) ask if you were related to R. L. Stine, but I’ll ask if you are related to blogger Mark Bialczak, of Liverpool – New York?? 😕 It’s a very non-common name. 😀

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      2. No, I have no idea! I wish I was related to R.L.Stine because maybe I could get help publishing…lol. I will look up Mark Bialczak. That is my married name and besides my brother-in-law no one is alive anymore on that side that I really know. I want to look anyhow. Thanks for the info!


      3. Having read your ‘About,'</em I knew Mark couldn't be your late husband, but he might have been an older brother. Might I ask, to whatever degree you are comfortable, where you are located?? 😀

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      4. Its funny that you say that. Sometimes before I follow someone or comment often I like to read the “About” page. The one thing that perplexes me are the blogs that have no clear name (of a person) and it isn’t even mentioned in their About. I have a few blogging friends who use different names but when commenting or something I at least know what to call them. blah, blah, blah….I could talk for hours! lol

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  2. Thanks for the shoutout. I try to do multiple word prompts based upon what shows up each day on my Reader. Sometimes the words just seem to naturally fit together, while other times it’s a struggle. These days, I give it a shot, but after reading the draft, if it doesn’t flow or sounds too contrived, I will toss it.

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    1. Lately, my problem is I fall asleep in the middle of anything I am writing. Its like I’m narcoleptic! I admit there are a few times I have had to go back to something I “published” to make sure I remember writing it and it fit whatever I was trying to do. I guess its like sleep-writing.

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  3. I was like that, a checklist of challenges, but because I’m obsessive compulsive I could go to bed until I’d done the ones of my list, so now they’re deemed optional

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  4. Thanks for joining in Christine. I enjoy setting the challenges, and am currently on my own with Fibbing Friday since Melanie passed away. Jim has provided me with some questions on a couple of occasions now and I am always grateful for other bloggers ideas and suggestions for that one. I’m like you in that I get hooked on one kind of challenge and then it peters out, so I don’t participate in as many as I used to.
    Enjoy your evening!

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