Saturday Swapit #23

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This week’s theme is not so much as having the nibbles, but how we deal with days when trying to keep to plan is futile.

I binge eat when I am super stressed out. I have found however, if I admit my binge it occurs less frequently. I know my problem isn’t always what I eat it is how much I eat.

I know that cereal is not the best breakfast food despite what some people say or think. I have heard so many different things but I go through periods when I just want cereal. My favorite has always been Lucky Charms because I liked the plainness of the cereal pieces with the sugar from the marshmallows. The last time I started buying them I found that the cereal pieces are now glazed or something. The same cereal but from Aldi’s is better because the pieces are not frosted. That being said I am done with Lucky Charms.

My newest thing for cereal is Kix. I love it and it doesn’t have that much sugar in it. It seems healthy enough. But…it is made from corn and it is cereal. I also love Special K and Raisin Bran.

David is on a healthy eating plan so cooking for him makes me cook a little healthier for myself. I don’t use a lot of fat and oils but I do love pasta as a side dish or sometimes potatoes. I can live without all that and do enjoy a quick stir-fry with ground turkey, spinach and a few other veggies.

Overall, I think I need to focus on eating only when I am truly hungry and portion control.

Fandango’s Provocative Question – #168

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How do you feel about online anonymity? Do you believe that when people are hiding their real world identity, it encourages them to misbehave or to be offensive? Or does it allow people to reveal who they really are or possibly how they would choose to be and act all the time if they could?

Quite ironic that you asked this today. I just posted a couch for sale on FB Marketplace. I have had quite a few “scam” offers. Most of them ask me to text them and they leave a phone number. For the most part I only get back to the people who have an active FB page/account. I know this is not 100% reliable, as so many people lie on social media, but it narrows it down. For instance, this one “woman” asked me to call her, that she wanted to pick up the couch today. When I clicked on “view profile” it was an empty page. On top of that, when I clicked on the their picture it says “He has set the site to private”.

Anyhow, I think a lot of people use social media and other online arenas to feel a sense of belonging. I, for example, don’t really have any friends who live in this state with me. I do try to find ways of meeting others but as you get older those options dwindle.
I think if people are going to be offensive they will do so whether or not it is shown in public. Many people who socialize via the internet aren’t there to think of what other people might think.
Similarly, if you have to use social media to show who you really are then you are either lonely like me or just in need of some sort of validation. When I am blogging I show people who I really am. I also show people how much I love to write and respect people wanting to read my work.

Truthful Tuesday

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I would say yes. I think that any good vibes you can send whether it be directly or not, is worth it. Honestly, you can’t call and/or contact everyone you know all the time to find out if they need your prayers or good thoughts. Whether or not they feel the good thoughts, or whether or not they believe in prayer, it definitely won’t hurt anyone to wish them well.

5 Things You Don’t Buy Anymore

Dr. Tanya wants to know 5 things for

  1. Feminine Products – I don’t think that needs any explaining
  2. Cigarettes – I still vape but that is nicotine and a few other harmful chemicals rather than nicotine, tobacco, and many other carcinogens
  3. Cow’s Milk – I am happy with Almond milk and hate to think of all the mama-cows who have to go on milking day after dreaded day.
  4. Heating Oil – living in the south has some benefits!
  5. Camera Film – I can’t even imagine how much I spent on film and then developing the film, especially when my kids were little. I have since downloaded most of the albums but need a new scanner to do the rest. I was lugging around bins and bins of photo albums from one home to the next. Now everything is digital!

Share Your World

Melanie is the host, from Sparks From A Combustible Mind


When you were a kid, did you eat the crusts on your sandwich or not? I don’t totally remember but I believe we did unless mom cut them off. We were told that it was just part of the bread. I can sort of recall eating all the bread part to the crust. I used to cut the crusts off for my kids because it almost seemed like that made an opening to eat the sandwich.

Are you a fan of musicals—why or why not? Yes, and no. I enjoy them and when I have seen them they have been wonderful but I can’t even remember the last time I saw one. I do remember going to Phantom of the Opera when my kids were little but I also remember how hot it was and that I was falling asleep the whole time.

Is it difficult to do what you do? (for a living, hobby etc.).  If you’re retired, what you ‘did’ previously for a job can be substituted. Teaching, especially Special Education, can be very hard. I always had the kids with social/emotional issues so that made it harder. I wouldn’t trade those years for anything though. Building my miniatures is not as much difficult as it is labor intensive. Putting all the tiny stuff together takes time. I love every minute of it. Making pottery can be very difficult but it seems to depend on the state of mind I am in. When I am more relaxed throwing pottery on a wheel turns into beautiful bowls. When I am super stressed out, hand-building a small animal or object can seem impossible.

What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?  (Doesn’t have to be a rock concert either). From what I recall I think my favorites were Pink Floyd and Tom Petty (separate shows).


Looking back over your life, what is one thing you’re grateful for?  One thing you really regret?
I am so grateful for my life with my husband and kids. I knew Bob longer than I knew my own mother! Then my kids…I don’t know if I would do it again, if given the option, but I don’t regret them one bit and love them more than life. One thing I really regret was the time my sister, whom does not like me one bit, told me that my son was growing pot in his closet. I went in and sure enough, he had the closet blacked out and was running lights and all that. I recall wondering why my electric bill was so high. So I went back and called her and told her I told him to get rid of it, get it out of my house. She got back to me and told me I was crazy! She told me to go in there and get rid of everything NOW! So I did. Joey ended up killing all the plants in my garden as revenge. Yes, it was screwed up that he was growing pot in my house and yes it was completely screwed up that he killed my plants (just because I killed his) but the thing I didn’t even stop to hear him say was that he was so proud of all the chemistry he had figured out to grow this beautiful plant. All his time and effort and he wasn’t even given the chance to get it out of my house, I just demolished it all. Why do I regret this? Because my son saw black and white, there was no gray. He saw what he did as a huge accomplishment and I totally wrecked it because my sister told me it was what I was supposed to do. I know my logic may be screwed up too and it isn’t just because my son died. I regretted it when he was alive. I just never told him how much I regretted it. It wasn’t the “right” thing to do as a parent – tell your kid you regret your own actions. And then after killing my plants, I was told that it was completely “fucked up” and that I should be so mad. I wasn’t. Maybe if people knew Joey they would have understood why I felt the way I did and why I wish I had given him the chance to get it out of my house in his own way, rather than destroy it. My therapist always told me I should really think about the fact that “why did he think it was okay to grow it in my house”. That makes more sense to me. I’m sure everyone has their own ideas but I’m the one that lives with it.

By the way, there are so many smaller instances of me listening to my sister that I regret and now that she has openly told me how much she doesn’t like me, the regret feels that much worse. But, those are all in the past……

Here’s To The Hodgepodge

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1. It’s National Wine Day (May 25)…do you like wine? Red or white? Dry or sweet? Do you have a favorite? Have you ever been to California wine country? Or any other wine region? What’s a dish you make that calls for wine?  I do like wine. Typically I like a sweet white. I will drink a dryer white but if I really want to sit and enjoy it I like a fresh, cool sweet white or rose.

2. What’s something you’ve whined about lately? the stupid frogs in my pool.

3. Last time you were ‘wined and dined’? Tell us about it. David and I have found this restaurant right in town that looks sort of “dive-ish” but is our favorite place now. It is called the Clamhouse. The seafood there is so fresh and its one of those minimalist type of menus. Not tons of different stuff, just a bunch of basics you will either love or hate. The drinks are nice to and they don’t load the glass with ice. Last week we went twice because we were too tired to cook and their food is so good.

4. Three cheers for_____________________. Three cheers for being lucky to have all that I have.

5. This will be the last Hodgepodge in the month of May. Somehow next Wednesday the calendar rolls into June. Before we go though, sum up your May in twelve words or less. Keep the filter on at night and you won’t get frogs!

6. Insert your own random thought here. When I think of my daughter and what a beautiful person she is, so kind and generous and caring, my heart melts and my hopes for her to have a wonderful future grow.

Fibbing Friday

Melanie is the host today for Fibbing Friday.

This week’s questions: 

  1. What’s behind the 8 ball? Obviously, the cue ball.
  2. What’s up the creek? Some sort of water source like a pond or estuary. It has to come from somewhere.
  3. What is hanging when one says, “Hang ten”? minutes. It is like saying “wait ten minutes”
  4. What size pole is it that you wouldn’t touch someone with? Any size! Why touch someone with a pole!
  5. How do you feel when you’re on cloud nine? Definitely better than cloud eight and encouraged because you are almost to cloud ten.
  6. What does “at sixes and sevens” mean? Usually dinnertime
  7. Do you take five? It all depends on what is offered and what would be polite to take.
  8. Which sport is referenced when the term “four bagger” is used? Golf, of course. Every golfer has more than one set of clubs.
  9. How many rings in the circus? It depends on the size of the circus. But, then again, most circuses have been closed down due to cruel behavior to animals.
  10. What is the loneliest number? zero because it’s got nothing

Throwback Thursday #39 – Reading Culture and Books

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  1. Who were the readers in your family? My mom used to read quite a bit if I remember correctly but then again she was so involved in crafts and her other projects. My dad read the newspaper every day. I loved to read too. I don’t think my sister liked to read at all.
  2. Were there some people who did not like to read or could not read? Like I said, I don’t think my sister ever picked up a book unless she absolutely had to.
  3. Did your family subscribe to the newspaper? Yes, 7 days a week. I remember that from when I was little. Last year when I was taking care of my dad he stopped showing interest. I think it was all too confusing to him since none of it had any relevance for him. With the Alzheimer’s and Dementia stuff like the news and politics mean nothing to him.
  4. If you did get the paper, was your Sunday newspaper considered special? What part did you enjoy? The Sunday newspaper was a pretty big deal. First, it had all the coupons. Second, it had the comics. I don’t think anyone ever did the crossword but we always had certain places we liked to check out.
  5. Did your home have books strewn around? Hardbacks or paperbacks? No books strewn about. There were always a few in the bathroom, my dad supposedly sat there and read. We mostly went to the library for books so they would be returned. When it wasn’t the public library then it was the library at school. I recall buying a few books at tag sales and stuff like that but not really at the book store. Those were mostly books that were for gifting!
  6. Did you frequent the library at school? Whenever it was library day! I remember in elementary school the library was down this big hallway that was almost like a ramp. I can still picture it. When I was a teacher the first school I taught at didn’t have any books. We were a small clinical day school and we used to bring the kids to the public library on the bus once a week, if their behavior allowed them to be out of the building. A few times I completed a Donors Choose campaign to get a library in our school and I did receive a few thousand dollars in books! That was great but unless the student at that school loved to read, it wasn’t happening. A lot of the kids that came to us didn’t even know how to read or read at such a low level. Psychiatric issues and behavior impeded their abilities. When I finally taught in a public middle school I was shocked to see that they didn’t have a library! Seriously! That is the only school that took out their library. To me that is just horrible.
  7. How about the local community library? Did you have a library card? Always! I even remember on half days at school we would walk to the library with friends and have our parents pick us up there.
  8. What was the first book you remember reading? Maybe One Fish, Two Fish by Dr. Seuss. I also remember the Secret Garden. I read a lot of Shel Silverstein.
  9. Did you have a collection of books (Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, Happy Hollisters, etc?) Yes, I loved Sweet Valley High and Flowers in the Attic. I also read all the Judy Blume books and Beverly Cleary.
  10. Did you read comic books? If so, what titles? no, not really. I never had an interest in them. Even graphic novels. They don’t appeal to me.
  11. Did you end up a bookworm, a casual reader, or someone who read only when required? I think I am a mix between a bookworm and a casual reader. I wish I had more time to just sit and read but I keep myself so busy. I do listen all the time to audiobooks. Funny, I was just telling someone that one of the books I read a little while back was so engrossing that I felt like the characters were really people I knew.
  12. Is there a book from your childhood you would like to read again? If so, what book? I might like to read the Secret Garden since it has been so long. I don’t really like to reread books because the ending is what I look forward to. One book I have read over and over is the Alchemist. For some reason that book just resonated with me. I still have a copy handy. I have read it to all of my students.
  13. What book or books have been extremely meaningful or influential in your life? Like I just mentioned, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.
  14. BONUS QUESTION: What book(s) do you frequently gift to others? Why? Dr. Seuss or Eric Carle mostly. I don’t really gift books to people because physical books are not as popular anymore, so many people just read digitally.

Fandango’s Provocative Question #164

Fandango asks a question each week

How do you feel about Elon Musk’s intention to reinstate Donald Trump’s Twitter account and his rational for doing so?

Well, first of all, they look alike with different hair and skin tone.

I think that Elon Musk is like Trump and like Putin and all the other rich people who think they own the world because they can afford it. I don’t think anyone should give a rat’s ass about whether Trump posts his stupid comments on Twitter. Every word out of his mouth makes him look like more of an ass, so maybe some of his followers will finally get the picture. Musk just wants the notoriety of this controversy. Why else would he even care? When you are that rich why do you give a hoot whether some impeached-twice president can post crap on social media? How about feeding the hungry kids in the world? Maybe look past Trump and you’ll see Putin behind him with pictures of all the people that have been killed in Ukraine. Maybe then Musk might turn around and not care about the guy.

Just saying….

E.M.’s Sunday Ramble Prompt #23

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Here are the questions:

  1. When did you start your blog? I started my blog in 2018/2019 shortly after losing my first husband. I had always wanted to have a blog but never pursued it. Then I had some extra time on my hands. As many of my “friends” here know, when I told my sister I wanted to start blogging she simply told me that “no one wants to hear you crying about your dead husband”.
  2. Did you start with a theme, or did it come later on? I didn’t start with a theme because I purposely did NOT want it to be all doom and gloom…about death and so forth. All I knew was that I wanted to have a positive place to find people with similar minds and attitudes who had similar interests. I didn’t even really know what “blogging” was.
  3. What is your favorite post that you have ever written on your blog? Wow, I don’t know. I have had a few that have gotten lots of comments, some not so much. I think some of the ones I wrote about losing my son were good, those had so much feeling in them. This one, though, is one of my favorites, it is about my dad, who now lives in a memory care facility who has Alzheimer’s and Dementia.
  4. Do you share your blog with friends and family, or do you keep your blogging world separate from them? I have certainly mentioned it. I know a few people who will on the odd occasion mention that they read something I wrote, but that is usually because my posts go to Facebook and Twitter. Every now and again David will say that he liked something I wrote but I don’t think anyone actually goes to my blog to check it out.
  5. What is the best advice you could give someone who is new to blogging? Be honest, be yourself, don’t harp on all the negative, especially if you don’t want to heed any advice, and join in challenges. The challenges have really helped me 1. meet other bloggers, 2. improve my writing, and 3. write in other ways than I ever would have even known about.