Truthful Tuesday: Being Queen

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If you could be King (or Queen) for a day, how would you spend it?

If I could be Queen for a day I would tell my private pilot that I wanted to use the jet and visit a few of the places that I have on my list to visit. I would first stop in a small village in Africa and give all those sweet little faces kisses. I would drop off bottles and bottles of clean drinking water and would tell all the people to fill the bottles with mud when they are done drinking them. I would hand them instructions on building cool shelters using the mud-filled bottles to protect themselves against the hot sun.
My second stop would be at an orphanage in Romania to kiss all those little faces. I would tell them that the Queen is praying that they all get a home quickly. Maybe that would give them all a little more hope to continue to pray for life outside the orphanage walls.
My final stop would be to a beautiful tropical island where I could drink cold Margaritas until it was time to jet home.
I would be happy that as the Queen I was able to put a smile on at least one face and let all those little children know that someone is praying for them.

Truthful Tuesday

Are you a keen DIY-er or do you prefer to get the professionals in?

For 25 years I lived with and was married to a builder/roofer/foreman/construction superintendent. When I lost him to sickness in 2018 I was completely at a loss when I needed things repaired. I guess I took a lot of it for granted. Growing up my dad did most of the stuff around the house too. Anyhow, after having one crappy contractor rip me off after another I am now a complete DIY-er unless it comes to plumbing and most electrical. Just yesterday I was leveling the drawers on one of the kitchen cabinets that I guess I never noticed was so crooked. The guy did such a horrible job it isn’t even fixable in most of the areas. Do you know how much I paid for those cabinets that are now all f-ed up?!?!?! Anyhow, I told David if I ever redo a kitchen I am doing the installation of all the lower cabinets, the uppers are too heavy.

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Truthful Tuesday

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My question this week is
Are you influenced by adverts for holidays or anything else for that matter?

Yes! I am a marketer’s dream. I think everything sounds great. Typically though, I have learned that if I take a step back I can be a little more sensible. I believe things that people say and all those paid advertisements. They have evidence supposedly, don’t they? I think it is just that I like to try new things.

Truthful Tuesday 20th December

Di at pensitivity101 is also hosting Truthful Tuesday. I say also because she now hosts Share Your World, Fibbing Friday on alternate Fridays, and Three Thing Challenge. Anyhow, you can join in here:

My question this week is

Do you enjoy taking part in other bloggers challenges?
Do you prefer a picture or word/sentence/question prompt?

I love taking part in challenges of all kinds! I like that there are different ones and sometimes I find that I get hooked on a few for a while until it peters out. I used to try to do all the writing prompt/challenges separately until I saw other bloggers, like Fandango, who combine a bunch of them. There are days that I can sit here and do one after the other after the other and other days I do one or two and don’t feel like doing any more. Funny though, I forget about some of them and won’t do them until they pop up in my feed randomly. I used to keep a chart but then it had cross-outs and scribbles and I don’t like papers that look like that, lol. 🤪

Truthful Tuesday 25th October: Life in the 2000’s

Di is posting the question: Would you like to be a child growing up in today’s world?

I say that depends.

When you look at the world and all its advances but then look at something like Putin invading Ukraine or Trump causing a riot, it’s madness.

When you look at the world and all of its advances and think about how many more opportunities there are, it’s exciting.

There is a piece of me that would love to go back and redo a lot of things because I feel like I missed stuff. I missed understanding about career paths when I was younger, I missed understanding about ways to travel the world, all of the things and people outside of my bubble that are wanting to share their life.

I think it is all relative. Kids don’t know what we went through, just like I don’t know what my father went through living through the Depression. I mean, how do you judge which is worse?

Truthful Tuesday

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With energy prices and inflation going mad, what changes will you be able to make to save money? Do you think there is anything you can do in respect of voicing your concerns?

I have been definitely watching turning lights on and off and not using electricity when possible. I also run the pool pump at night which is supposed to be easier on the budget and the grid than during the hot days. (Yes, I admit, I run the pump at night also because of the frogs – but I have seen a benefit in costs!)

Honestly, the best thing to do as far as voicing concerns is not giving in to all the crazy prices all the time. I buy less from overseas, to promote work in the US. That, unfortunately, doesn’t save me money but it does help others economically.

Truthful Tuesday

This week Di, of Pensitivity 101 is our guest host for Truthful Tuesday while Melanie has some time out. Here is the question.

Delivery or Takeaway

Would you be bothered having a Chinese/Indian/Chippie/Pizza or similar on your doorstep or would you enjoy the convenience of having a takeaway outlet within walking distance.

I think within walking distance is the best. I don’t want the traffic involved in the food business. I would also get nervous about robbery and stuff like that. As far as being close enough to smell the cuisine…bring it on! I love the smell of different foods. I guess all those smells aren’t good if they are together all the time but separately..yummy!

We do use delivery once in a while but by the time you pay for delivery and tip the driver you have just added ten to fifteen dollars to the bill. It get’s really expensive. Honestly, the curbside pickup is ideal.


Melanie hosts Truthful Tuesday:

So my question today will be:

What is your honest opinion of the news and how it is shared right now? 
Are we being informed or fed Pablum designed to keep us uninformed and in the dark?

(Pablum: noun LITERARY bland or insipid intellectual fare, entertainment, etc.; pap.) I won’t lie and say I knew what this meant! 😅

I think the news is a disgusting forum for people to spread the information they want people to hear without caring about the entire truth or whose lives are being affected. Before meeting David and starting to understand politics, I never knew that different television stations supported different views of our government. I thought the news was the news, and yes I know there is always bias, but I never knew how far it went. Some nights we watch the news and it is so “one direction” that you get sick of listening. In another moment you are shown horrible tragedy. I think we broadcast what is going to cause the biggest reaction, regardless of content. I do think it is good to let the world know what is going on around them. I mean, without the news we wouldn’t know anything about other countries unless we knew people living there. When was the last time you sat down because you really wanted to listen to what the meteorologist has to say about every day life? Gas prices in the US is on for lets say, 30 seconds at best. What is being done about it? Are there solutions? Who ever works on that? Honestly, I believe Ukraine would be unknown to more of the world than anyone would like to admit.

About keeping us in the dark, I don’t think that regular citizens should know confidential information from Homeland Security, for example. There are people who are paid to keep the country safe. If it was supposed to be public knowledge then it would be. Too many people get these weird ideas from the news. You can’t tell me that some innocent, or crazy person, just came up with the notion that a 3D printer would be the best way to make a real gun. Yes, there are people who know these things and people who have details about it but for the crazies who don’t have that information, why give it out? My biggest issue with the news, and yes I know it is sort of changing, is that these mass shootings and horrible crimes seem to be sensationalized. I think putting them on the news is informative but to play the scenes over and over, day after day, makes it seem like a real big thing, that someone who isn’t in their right, common-sense mind, might think is kind of cool that “so and so” got to be on TV so much. That is just my opinion of course.

Truthful Tuesday

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I would say yes. I think that any good vibes you can send whether it be directly or not, is worth it. Honestly, you can’t call and/or contact everyone you know all the time to find out if they need your prayers or good thoughts. Whether or not they feel the good thoughts, or whether or not they believe in prayer, it definitely won’t hurt anyone to wish them well.


A few days late but what the heck, right?

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Is it compassionate for medical professionals to keep people on tenterhooks waiting for results, particularly if the diagnosis in question could be really bad news; but in general too?   No, I think it is more compassionate to get to the facts so then something can be discussed as far as moving forward. I hate being in Limbo and although life is always sort of like that, if you know something I should know, just tell me and let’s get on with it.

Wouldn’t it be kinder to just shut up and order the tests and whatever to find out a firm answer before stressing out the patient?   In your honest opinion please. I think if a doctor has real concerns, enough to do extra testing than the patient should know. Yes, it is more worrisome, but I would rather have the bad news while already thinking it could be bad rather than thinking everything is fine and all of a sudden whacked with bad news. I hate the whole “what do you want first, the good news or the bad news?” Just give it all to me and put a rush on that. I have no patience for slow talking, dragged out to save my feelings, conversations. Just being honest!