Share Your World 19th December

Di is now the host, in honor of Melanie’s memory. Check it out here:

Here are this week’s questions:

1.  How organized are you in either your working or private life? I am typically super organized, at least in my own head. I usually know where I have put things and can recall that really well. I forget stuff but then can think and sort of visualize where I put it and I’m usually right. I do like all “like” things together so I like to reorganize when my life gets cluttered.

2. Do you remember family birthdays or anniversaries and send cards? I remember a few birthdays, unfortunately, I usually remember on the day and have not said anything to the person. I don’t send cards, except to maybe one or two people. I think the price of cards is ridiculous and people don’t like them like they used to it seems. Sometimes I find a funny one and send it out. Everyone likes getting mail but what do you do with the card after you are done celebrating? Seems harsh to just throw it away.

3.  If you see something in a shop that is an extravagance but you can afford it, do you buy it? It depends on whether I think I can find it cheaper somewhere else. There have been times that I have been in a store and I am there googling Amazon and other sites trying to see if they sell it for less.

4.  Are you looking forward to the New Year? I suppose. It’s just another day for me though. I don’t set resolutions because they peter out or don’t work at all. I do like to think about the first of the year as the day I will try to make certain changes.

What simple thing warms your heart? Lately, when I put Brody outside he goes running around and all that and then when he is ready to come in he looks in the screen door for me. He is much lower so all I see is his eyes and ears and he melts my heart with his little look. Funny, but him being slightly pigeoned-toed makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Finding gifts, especially from my kids when they were little, melts my heart too. To see the love that was put into it. Finally, just because I could go on and on, but certain memories of my late husband and son and a few specific instances in the past stand out to me. Not big events, just small gestures that I remember so well that were so thoughtful.

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