Truthful Tuesday: October 19th, 2021

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The Question

Considering how last year went and the current state of things, do you have any plans for Halloween this year? Will you be going to any costume parties, handing out trick-or-treat candy, or just staying at home with the porch light off so no one will bother you? Please let us know!

I remember as a kid getting dressed up and loving that and I remember going trick-or-treating but I don’t think I ever loved it. When my kids were little I loved dressing them up and tried opting to stay home and hand out candy rather than walk the streets. I guess I just never saw it as a true fun activity.

Now we are in a 55 and older condo complex. I think this would be a great place for little ones because they could go door to door without having to go in the street but I have no idea what they do here. Considering I am a sugar-hog I will most likely buy candy just in case…just in case I want to eat it! Lol. Honestly, I do the lame thing and go to CVS the day after and get the candy for 50% off!

Truthful Tuesday

For this week PCGuyIV writes: I would like everyone to share something positive from this year. What you share is up to you. It just has to be something good that happened this year, and it needs to be true.
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One positive, which is really more than one but I will count as a collective whole, is selling my miniatures. When I first started making them I did so with the intent on learning how to build a dollhouse. I didn’t realize what was out there and how much I would love this craft. After building a few and hearing people praise my efforts I thought, “Hey, it won’t hurt and it only costs a tiny amount to list on It was slow at first but I proved to my followers and customers that I am completely dedicated to doing my best work all the time. I pride myself on the details I pay attention to and the little things I add to make something “work”.

Over all, I have sold 15 miniatures! I am really proud of myself and love that I still love making them!

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Truthful Tuesday: December 22nd, 2020

Come tell the truth here:

What gift that you received as a child still sticks out in your mind today? What made it so memorable?

The first gift that came to my mind was this doll, Baby Alive, who could crawl and eat and drink! She had real diapers so when you fed her or gave her a bottle, you had a real dirty diaper to change. I remember wanting this doll so badly. I also remember finding out after feeding her the included food, that the food didn’t go through her as quickly and as cleanly as the fluid, so we had to stop feeding her, she was getting all gunked up.

I think this is so memorable because as a child we used to receive the Sears Toy Catalog every year. I remember sitting down with it, and a paper and pencil, to prepare my list to Santa. I would have the toy or toys I really wanted at the top of the list. Baby Alive was one of those “top of the list” things I asked for.

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And this is the real commercial!

Truthful Tuesday

When it comes to giving money, do you view it as a thoughtful gift, or as a sign that the giver didn’t care enough to think about a “real” gift?

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My answer:

When it comes to “money gifts” I think it depends on who it is from and what occasion. There are definitely people one would like to buy for but have no idea what would be a suitable gift. That being said, I don’t think all gifts have to be what someone wants. A gift is a gesture. I worked with someone once who during Secret Santa time told everyone, “Do not buy me candles or any sort of knick-knack. I don’t want candy or food either.” She told people that scratch-offs were good.

I think giving money is okay if you know the person receiving it wants to spend it on something special. To just always give money,…well why bother?

As far as gift cards go, again depends on who and what for. Gift cards are a great way to not feel like you are wasting money on something someone doesn’t want anyhow. Well, in this day and age, people just buy whatever they want whenever they want so if they don’t want something nice, then that is their issue, not yours.

As far as I go, when I get gift cards I use them and when I get money I try to find something that I really wanted but didn’t want to just pay outright for.

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Truthful Tuesday: November 10th, 2020

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  • Have the results of the US Presidential election left you feeling relieved, apprehensive, hopeful, or some other emotion? I am both relieved and hopeful that things in the US will return to some sort of normal as far as government and having someone to look to for being “in charge”. I don’t always vote Democratic for various reasons but this time around I just couldn’t see Trump back in office. There are tons of reasons why but one of the main reasons has been the separation of families at the border.

  • Have you been surprised at all by the emotions and reactions of others regarding the results? I am not surprised by all the emotion or reactions. I think that Trump has bad such a bad impression on everyone in this country and around the world that just knowing he will not be president in a few weeks is something to be happy about. I know so many people wanted him re-elected but he doesn’t care about anyone but himself and even they need to see it. Anyhow, seeing the joy, dancing, celebrating…it was sort of like the USA used to be.

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Truthful Tuesday 3rd November

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Aside from getting rid of the Gutenberg Block Editor, since it’s fairly clear that it isn’t going anywhere, what three changes would you like to see make? Please explain.

Okay, I’m going to tell the truth…I don’t understand any difference in the editor. Has it changed in the last year? I believe it has. I don’t know what has changed. I don’t really know what a Gutenberg Block Editor is unless it is someone who works as an editor in Sweden.

What would I like changed?

-I would like to be able to use more fonts and maybe even emojis in my posts without having to copy and paste them from somewhere else. Maybe there is a way to do it, but I have no idea. I would love to be able to use my Bitmoji but that’s another thing I don’t know how to do.
-I would like to know what all the words mean on the customizer. What is a CSS? Yes, I have looked it up but I still don’t get it, when it comes to my blog.
-I would like there to be a special “banner” that says Reblog when I reblog something so I don’t have to feel like I am stealing someone else’s post and without everyone giving ME credit for a really good post that I never wrote!

Truthful Tuesday: September 29th, 2020


What are your thoughts on trick-or-treating this year? Should Halloween be “canceled”, or should it be allowed to go on as normal.

I have never been a big Halloween fan. I remember loving to dress up as a kid but I don’t recall liking walking all over the place for candy. Now, as an adult I think the holiday is ridiculous because of what it has become. When my kids were little I loved to see them dressed up and I loved that they loved Halloween, but again, I was not a fan.

That being said, I think that Halloween is only about candy. Costumes have become “whatever you can pull together”, except those for little kids. All costumes are way too expensive, which is why people make their own costumes. I’m not saying homemade costumes are bad, my mom made all of mine. I’m just saying that rolling up your jeans and putting on a flannel shirt does not make one a farmer.

I think trick-or-treating would be fine, people are wearing masks anyhow!

I think kids should just stay home, though, have parents spend a ton less on candy and costumes, and spend time as a family. Play a game, bob for apples…

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Truthful Tuesday 9-8-2020

Frank is our host and here’s his thought provoking question today:

Why did you start blogging, and is your reason for blogging still the same as when you started, or has it changed?

I started blogging for a few reasons. The first was because when my husband passed away I thought I would somehow have tons of extra time. Another reason is because I needed an outlet, and not just a friend to “bitch” to or talk to, just a way to express myself. I actually loved the idea of people commenting and all that, so I had other opinions, but without the stress or obligation, I guess you could say, to respond or give a reason for what I had written.

I am not sure I can say that my reasons have changed per say, but I do blog now for additional reasons. One of those is the connection I have with people who have similar interests and ideas and another is to improve my writing. I find all the challenges and input from bloggers has helped me develop a stronger voice.

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Truthful Tuesday

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What three movies best sum up your taste in movies, and why? 

My answer:

50 First Dates, Silence of the Lambs, Finding Nemo 

50 First Dates because I love the true love aspect of the relationship. I also feel that if I met someone, a guy in my case, I would do what Adam Sandler does to help “him” remember me each day. My dad has dementia, so it has some similarities there. 

Silence of the Lambs because my dream had been to be “Clarice” in the FBI. I wanted to do the things that she did including talking to the people in prison who are so deranged. That mental state fascinates me because I want to know how a mind thinks like that. I still wish I could do it but I am too old to be hired by the FBI.  

Finding Nemo because I love Disney, I love clownfish, and I love that Nemo still loves Dory even though she can’t remember anything. When I got my first tattoo the guy asked what I wanted. I said a clownfish because they made me think of my mother. Finding Nemo had just come out, so he asked if I wanted Nemo. I said sure. I wish I had just gotten my clownfish, but Nemo is fine.