Truthful Tuesday 25th October: Life in the 2000’s

Di is posting the question: Would you like to be a child growing up in today’s world?

I say that depends.

When you look at the world and all its advances but then look at something like Putin invading Ukraine or Trump causing a riot, it’s madness.

When you look at the world and all of its advances and think about how many more opportunities there are, it’s exciting.

There is a piece of me that would love to go back and redo a lot of things because I feel like I missed stuff. I missed understanding about career paths when I was younger, I missed understanding about ways to travel the world, all of the things and people outside of my bubble that are wanting to share their life.

I think it is all relative. Kids don’t know what we went through, just like I don’t know what my father went through living through the Depression. I mean, how do you judge which is worse?

5 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday 25th October: Life in the 2000’s

  1. I would definitely prefer to do it all again in this current time. Being gay was not nearly as accepted in my area when I grew up. Maybe I could have accepted myself much sooner and not gone through so many struggles. 😕

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    1. You know, it is so confusing to me how what people choose to do with their lives is any business of anyone else, unless of course they are affected. I remember when people coming out was this huge thing. I totally see what you are saying though. Now at least you can find acceptance in more places than previously. I was in love with this guy and we “dated” on and off for about 7 years. We were best friends. I never understood why he didn’t want me as his girlfriend. Well, yes, you know where this story is going but right after I got married the first time in 1996, he had disappeared shortly after. No one knew where he went. Then it was told that he moved because he came out as gay. It wasn’t until after my husband passed away that I finally found him again and got in touch. He told me he “came out” and I told him I had heard and was relieved that at least I now knew why he didn’t want me as his girlfriend! Lol.

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