Oh, Maybel!

Raven has a sonnet for this poor witch!

Jezzie G

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Ooops, did someone forget their belladonna and aconite – again!!!

Oh, Maybel!
Form: Bowlesian Sonnet abba cddc effe gg

Come my witches, come cast our magic spell
This Samhain night there’s so much to be done
Bring the tools of flight, bring them one by one
Come my witches and stir the cauldron well

Oh Maybel have you got the aconite
The bubbling potion brewing still awaits
Don’t just stand there holding those empty plates
No belladonna we can’t make the flight

Still Maybel dances naked neath the moon
As in her heart there burns a wild desire
A witch she is dancing around the fire
With pure intent she’ll learn her magic soon

As for the freedom of flight we now go
By taxi and train heading to Heathrow

Word count: 111
Time: 8 minutes


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