The Nun’s Clinic: Compilation 10/17/2022

I ignored the nasty looks they gave
Some with speech all slurred as well
therapy given from a gracious host
included sketchy clientele
The clinic was aligned with folks
wallpaper smart and bright
the “culprit” of this entourage
was a pigeon of the night
Not really a living bird per se
but a nun in a black habit
had opened up this raunchy joint
as help, she does admit
But never did she think to see
the people on the street
nor know the ones that looked for her
had calloused dirty feet
The nun held out an appendage
I saw her gentle touch
go to a slightly fragile soul
it didn’t help him much
I turned to leave before I felt
so sad, this was no joke
‘Cause seeing all the poverty
sympathy it did invoke.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

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