Just a nap: Compilation 5/26/2022

Walking through a valley near a forest full of green
a machine sat slowly rusting, no need for gasoline
the paint was quickly fading, an evident old heap
Just a toll from wind and rain, no chance for its upkeep
A forlorn looking woodsman came looking through the copse
hoping he would find the time and place to make a stop.
He spied a myriad of moss, a pillow he knew he’d found
Suddenly he yawned real wide then laid upon the ground
out from in the engine a little elf did creep
Hoping not to wake the man, just wanting him to sleep
He sprinkled the man with fairy dust and wished him best of luck
then looking at his hiding space the little creature snuck
the man woke fully rested feeling better than he had
Deciding he was going home, no longer feeling bad

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

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