#Writephoto: Out to Sea

KL Caley is the host: https://new2writing.wordpress.com/2022/04/07/writephoto-distance/

For visually challenged writersthe image shows an island across a stretch of water. Upon which you can see some ruins and a white lighthouse.

Some days are harder than others and today is a difficult one. I don’t know what triggers the hard days. I suppose I need this writing to clear my head. Thanks for reading.


For someday I may see you there
Standing in the open air
Not a figment not a phase
Just my son, the one I’d raised
For now I wait and cry instead
I can’t get sad out of my head
Some days are easy some are not
I try to be thankful for what I’ve got
It doesn’t seem fair to those who live
that I don’t have as much to give
a part of me was lost that night
When you were taken out of sight.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

15 thoughts on “#Writephoto: Out to Sea

    1. Thank you Cindy. Perhaps because it is getting close to the day that I award the scholarship in his name or maybe just the memories in Spring, it has been very hard lately. It will feel good in June to award his scholarship. I have to keep the positive thoughts floating.

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      1. You’re so welcome. Maybe a combination of all of that. He was part of you and will always be. Hold yourself lovingly. What a lovely thing you do with the award. floating you some positivity through the ethers. 💖💖🙏

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  1. Hi Christine,
    I was just sitting down to address this photo (had to let the ideas gel some) but now am ready to apply some words to the skeleton of an idea, but I ran into your story first.
    You know I don’t do well with poetry and just don’t get most of it but this – this punched past my handicap and tore at my insides.
    You produced an amazing product for this prompt and I hope have not wiped out my inspiration for one of my own.
    Bravo my friend.

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