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A New Day

From my window I could see the water lapping upon the shore, hear the surf hitting the land, smell the salty water. I was here to relax, to enjoy time by myself, to take time to reflect upon the last year that held so many feelings and memories. So I sat. I watched the water move by itself. I thought of all the days I have lived, the people who I have loved, and the things I have done. There is some regret and some sadness but today is the day I will open my eyes to a new beginning.

©2022 CBialczak Fiction

The Sunday Whirl: Wordle 535

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The Feeling Never Fades

Taking a very long breath
heaving a deep and low sigh
getting a glimpse of the shape
low as it sidles on by
I’m fraught with a moment of fear
that leads to a feeling of loss
thrust in my brain like a chisel
stuck like a rock full of moss
The gap in my memory reveals
the being that might be my love
brought back to life in my heart
fitting my heart like a glove
the thoughts fill the calm with a murmur
and shift through my nerves like a sieve
wishing he’d be back beside me
wishing he’d come back to live. 

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Despite the true, deep feelings of love I am now lucky enough to feel, losing two important men in my life, within thirteen months of the other, leaves deep scars.

Fandango’s Flashback Friday — January 7th

Fandango hosts this awesome reminder of all the time we spend with our words!

This is from January 7th last year. I do love The Cat in the Hat and haven’t done any fanfiction work in quite a while. Enjoy!

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The Cat in the Hat comes to play

The Cat in the Hat knew the mom would be mad 
if she saw all the toys and goodies he had. 
He tried to keep quiet and out of her way 
to keep her distracted was the way he could stay. 

He started with smiles and a proud, firm handshake 
His brow started sweating, she would know it was fake 
All he had to get by was this first “How d’ya do?” 
Then to get to the kids, just he and those two. 

So he started to walk on his back legs to show 
that he knew that his back was the rude way to go. 
The mother was pleased by the Cat’s gentle tone 
She was happy to leave the three of them all alone. 

The Cat took his bag and all the tricks he had found 
The comics and posters and the car with the sound 
He spread them all out on the rug in the room 
He had his own bag and could clean with his broom. 

The kids were so happy to see all his stuff 
He wondered if they thought there wasn’t enough.  
But for hours they played without one single fight 
A perfect fun day led to a quite tired night. 

©2021 CBialczak Poetry Fan Fiction

22 Years Ago…

Twenty-two years ago I was blessed with a baby boy. He was beautiful with a full head of dark hair weighing 9lbs 8.5oz. He left the hospital a few days later at 10 pounds!

I miss my baby more than anything…

Happy 22nd Heavenly Birthday Joey!

Coming soon…

The Joseph Bialczak Excellence in Mathematics Scholarship

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24 Hour Blog Question

The Main Questions For you are …

How do you remember moments in your life – what is your process for bringing your memories back to life?

Do you think the memories you have of your life from your yesterdays are an honest recollection – or do you think that they change with every re-telling?

in your opinion how deep is your long term memory?

What are some of your very first memories?

Funny that this is the question today…David loves looking at pictures, he does it all the time. I found that I have a hard time sometimes just because of all the loses I have had. Memories, especially this time of year, are hard for me. Yes, they bring about good memories but they also bring sadness knowing that some of them are the only memories I will ever have.
I think when I want to remember I try to envision myself in the moment I am trying to think of. This helps me think with clarity. If I can recall myself in the situation I feel like my recollections are quite accurate. That being said, it’s all my interpretation isn’t it?

I can recall things from when I was probably three or four years old. I remember going to a babysitter’s house and sitting on the top bunk of the bunkbed they had. I remember a different babysitter that had hens and I was allowed to go look for eggs. I also remember she had channel 56 on her television and that channel had all the good cartoons during the week! Bugs Bunny, Sylvester and Tweety…I remember the first day of school in my new kindergarten class and being scared out of my mind but my friend Sarah dragged me in and told me it was fun. We had chocolate milk for snack. I have tons of bits and pieces and it is fun when all of a sudden I remember something totally new. Who knows if the memories are accurate? I don’t have anyone to really confirm one way or another. That’s life…

Throwback Thursday – #6 – Gift Giving & Receiving

Welcome to the sixth edition of the Throwback Thursday Memory BlogHop where we take on a nostalgic object, event, or memory and blog about it. It’s the last Thursday of September. Hopefully we will be having cooler days, which in my book means more inside time and more time to blog. Maggie, From Cave Walls, and I alternate posting a blog with the title Throwback Thursday – subject of the week. (This week my subject is memories of gift giving or receiving.)

When I first read this I had a few things come to mind immediately but I think I can organize it in my head best if I think about some of the people who gave gifts and how it felt to receive them.

My son: It has been over two years since my son passed away and although it never gets easier, it is easier for good memories to surface. This memory, although not necessarily good, makes me laugh. First let me start by saying I am one of those people who try to find gifts to match the person. I will recall conversations or think about things that person likes, just to get the “right” gift.
So every year, for as many as I can remember actually, I would purchase gifts for my kids throughout the year, whenever I found something that I thought they would like. I did go off their lists to Santa but then they stopped writing to him and apparently guessed that Santa knows all!
Now picture this…Christmas morning, the family sitting by tree, the kids handing out gifts one at a time. Now it is Joey’s turn to open his gift….
Do you like it?” I would ask. He would shrug and say something like, “yeah, I guess I used to but...” and then my tears would flow. It got to the point that my daughter used to tell him to act happy with his gifts “so mom doesn’t have to cry”.
It sounds sort of awful but if you knew Joey, you’d see how it was just him and I loved him for it!

My daughter: Lindsay sort of took after me when it came to gift giving, always looking for the perfect gift. Two years ago, after losing my husband/her dad, we had some rocky times. We talked often and worked through a lot and became very close. It was that year that she gave me one of those little wooden signs that you put on your shelf that said, You’re the mom everyone wishes they had! Talk about tears!

David: David and I had been together almost a year when we celebrated my birthday (for the first time together), that was two years ago. His birthday is only 12 days after mine and it was one of those things where you don’t really know what to buy for the other person because maybe you haven’t lived together long enough to get something they can use around the house or maybe you just don’t know what the perfect gift would be.
That year, two years ago, I had gone to see my father and when I came home David told me he had a gift for me. I had just gotten home and he kept insisting I bring up my suitcase first to the bedroom. I didn’t feel like dealing with the suitcase but I finally just gave in. When I walked into my room there he was, Beary, my sweet guinea pig! Oh, how I love guinea pigs! I guess I had talked about the ones I had over the years so David decided to take the chance and get me one. I loved it! The best part of all is that one of the reasons I didn’t have any guinea pigs for so long was that I was the only one who liked the piggies and I guess it didn’t seem like something practical to buy for myself. Woo hoo! I still have Beary and his brother, Oreo, who we bought a few months later to keep Beary company.

Beary is the brown one on the bottom, Oreo is black and white (obviously!)

Other really special gifts I have received are my dragonfly pottery and dishes from Mary and so many other things I can’t even list them all.
I can’t really think of the best gift I’ve given…some have been great, others just ordinarily good.

Song Lyric Sunday

Song Lyric Sunday where the theme is Devoted, Faithful, Honorable, Loyal, True suggested by Lady A.
hosted by Jim :

I am not new to Song Lyric Sunday as a reader, but I am as a participant. Having fun with it last week I wanted to join in again. Here is my take on the theme…the first song that popped into my head

“Give Me One Reason”

Give me one reason to stay here
And I’ll turn right back around
Give me one reason to stay here
And I’ll turn right back around
Said I don’t want to leave you lonely
You got to make me change my mind

Baby I got your number, oh, and I know that you got mine
You know that I called you, I called too many times
You can call me baby, you can call me anytime
You got to call me

Give me one reason to stay here
And I’ll turn right back around
Give me one reason to stay here
And I’ll turn right back around
Said I don’t want leave you lonely
You got to make me change my mind

I don’t want no one to squeeze me, they might take away my life
I don’t want no one to squeeze me, they might take away my life
I just want someone to hold me, oh, and rock me through the night

This youthful heart can love you, yes, and give you what you need
I said, This youthful heart can love you, oh, and give you what you need
But I’m too old to go chasing you around
Wasting my precious energy

Give me one reason to stay here
Yes and I’ll turn right back around
Give me one reason to stay here
Ooh and I’ll turn right back around
Said I don’t want leave you lonely
You got to make me change my mind

Baby just give me one reason, Give me just one reason why
Baby just give me one reason, Give me just one reason why I should stay
Said I told you that I loved you
And there ain’t no more to say

Song Lyric Sunday

Jim has this every week but I don’t often get involved because even though I love music, I don’t really know who sang what and when…but this week was different.

Check out the prompt here

Back in the day, right out of college, I spent all my time with my closest friends, Scott and Eric. Heather was almost always there and Bill, too. After having dinner and continuing drinks on many-a-night I would somehow find this song and drag everyone into the fun…

Hot, Hot, Hot Lyrics

“Hot Hot Hot”

olay olay olay olay olay olay olay olay

feeling hot hot hot
feeling hot hot hot
feeling hot hot hot
feeling hot hot hot

my mind’s on fire
my soul’s on fire
feeling hot hot hot
party people
all around me
feeling hot hot hot
what to do on a night like this
music sweet I can’t resist
we need a party song
so with a rum bum bum
let me rum bum bum bum

CHORUS olay olay olay olay olay olay olay olay
let me rum bum bum bum
let me rum bum bum bum
feeling hot hot hot
feeling hot hot hot

see people rocking
yeah people jamming
feeling hot hot hot
keep the spirit
come on let’s do it
feeling hot hot hot
hands in the air
celebration time
the music can’t erase you mind
we have this party song
a fundamental jam
so we can rum bum bum bum
yeah we rum bum bum bum


people in the party hot hot hot
people in the party hot hot hot
people in the party hot hot hot
people in the party hot hot hot

Copyright: Lyrics © Original Writer and Publisher