Admitted 730 days ago

Dedicated to Bob, who will always be remembered. Also dedicated to David for his love and support and to Lindsay, my daughter, my best friend, my joy, for being so strong. Two years later it still comes to mind how I felt on that fateful day.  People I knew were so very kind but no one knew […]


Daily QUote

The course of true love never did run smooth William Shakespeare A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, ACT 1 SCENE 1, LINE 134; LYSANDER TO HERMIAWilliam Shakespeare Who were the best lovers in all of the world, in all time? What did Shakespeare experience to know that love is a rough road? Where did Shakespeare get all […]


Desolate: Weekend challenge

Desolate:Uninhabited or giving the impression of bleak emptiness. My desolate life I stand alone as I have no one to stand with. I walk alone as I have no one to walk with. I sleep alone  as I have no one to sleep with.  Oh, desolate life,  provide me the companionship I seek and the comradery I deserve.   Do not feel sorrow for my loneliness. Do […]