Moving On: Compilation 07/21/2022

Marcy was a woman who had much strength and skill
To make her life worth living, to do just as she will
Back in the beginning before the flashback came
She used the bag of money to gas the pseudo flame
The slit in her tight timeline prevented many things
The purlieu of her homestead developed yellow rings
Although a nifty idea she didn’t want to see
How playing a card like the red ace was how her life should be.
And so she put the cards back and looked up toward the sky
The future she was holding was her pressing reason why.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Haunted House: Compilation 07/01/2022

In a house down the street with an unearthly vibe
Desperation is seen in the cracks on the sills
A camera click is a sign of the times
That discourse is present, not basic thrills
The plants all around find nutrition complete
in the rot and the moss on each block
A cougar could starve as nothing survives
but a clever frog under a rock.
No variation exists in this beat up old home
no more life will be present again
but watch for yourself the eery green glow
and the voices of ageless, dead men.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Look What I Found!: Compilation 6/24/2022

I tried to write something for the prompts yesterday but nothing was coming to me, so I closed the computer lid and walked away. I came back today with a fresh set of hands and eyes and this is what I got!?

Plane – Image by KL Caley

Can you picture a person in the fresh open air
looking up at a plane and you follow their stare
It’s a plane on a stick and the stick in the ground
My head is now spinning around and around.
The essence of pleasure has been taken away
It takes one to know one, is what they all say
But whether indigenous or found far from here
My investigation is becoming quite clear
There’s a scroll at the base with a tiny rosette
I barely could take notice of words that were set
on the thin little paper rolled up with a bow
What it might say, I don’t really know.
My endeavor is over, my looking is done
This plane won’t fly far, it’s just there for fun
I envisage myself walking quickly away
But I might come to check this some other day.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Crow’s Rumor: Compilation May 19, 2022

Despite my abeyance and my reasons to decline
Crow started up a rumor, absurdity divine!
About a clever swan who lived down in the pond
Passing all the little fish to get back to the frond
Bodacious lady birdy would collect her tiny babes
and circle through the pond like hands on a round clock-face
Then snatch up little bits of the leaves she thought delish
and deliver them to lily pads she used as baby’s dish.
I stopped him with my query, he didn’t have a clue
Why a duck would pass up fish, lies no longer ensue.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry


KL Caley hosts #writephoto
For visually challenged writersthe image shows a sign in the foreground with the words ‘Den Building’ on it. In the background is a den made of leaves and branches.

Hiding in a den
Hidden from the light
Eyes glow in the darkness
Giving us a fright
No sounds but little ticking
from clocks around our wrists
Looking for an exit
our minds and fears entwist
light slowly encroaches
diminishing our fears
Sounds of puppy panting
is music to our ears.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry


KL Caley hosts #writephoto:

Kites – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writersthe image shows a pavilion with people flying kites around it.


Perfect ending to the day
the clouds are rolling in
Children fly their kites so high
The highest kite will win.
But perfect days must end sometime
and going home’s a must
They’ll be back again one day
In that they truly trust!

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

#Writephoto: Out to Sea

KL Caley is the host:

For visually challenged writersthe image shows an island across a stretch of water. Upon which you can see some ruins and a white lighthouse.

Some days are harder than others and today is a difficult one. I don’t know what triggers the hard days. I suppose I need this writing to clear my head. Thanks for reading.


For someday I may see you there
Standing in the open air
Not a figment not a phase
Just my son, the one I’d raised
For now I wait and cry instead
I can’t get sad out of my head
Some days are easy some are not
I try to be thankful for what I’ve got
It doesn’t seem fair to those who live
that I don’t have as much to give
a part of me was lost that night
When you were taken out of sight.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry


Hosted by KL Caley

Welcome to the weekly #writephoto prompt!

Knock, Knock!

Who’s there?

This week’s photo sprinkles a little fairy dust into our lives.

Fairy – Image by KL Caley
For visually challenged writersthe image shows a huge tree with a small blue fairy door on it.

The Fairy’s Prayer

Come on over, 
Knock at my door
You’ll catch me as you’ve done before.

I sit here waiting
Hoping you
Will come and catch me like you do.

I wait and wait
And wait some more
For you to come knock on my door.

I’ll wait for you
Won’t watch the clock
Just sit here in this chair and rock.

I hear you now
Are you outside?
Don’t be afraid, don’t run, don’t hide.

I won’t hurt you
No sir no
I don’t want you to ever go.

Stay with me 
Here in my tree
And see how much you mean to me. 

©2022 CBialczak Poetry


bird-island.jpg (1000×750)

KL Caley hosts this writing prompt weekly:

Her Creative Place

She stood, looking at the small island. How could it be that only years before it was her refuge still attached to the rocky shore she loved so much. She remembers sitting out there, as a child, under the willow tree, writing, drawing, and daydreaming about her future. Now the time was here and she was finally able to come back. She wanted to see if she could get that same creative feel if she sat under the tree again. But, to her dismay, there was now a path of water that wove its way between the land and the new island, making it impossible to cross unless wearing shorts and water shoes. She couldn’t remember water even coming up that high but with the rain increasing as a result of global warming, she assumed it happened without anyone even noticing. Maybe she would come back in the summer when the water wouldn’t be so ice cold. Nah, she thought to herself, it took me this long to come back and look what happened. By the time I come back again the whole island will probably be underwater with a dead tree laying on its side, limbs protruding above the surface of the water.

©2022 CBialczak Fiction


KL Caley hosts #writephoto. Join in here

Our photo this week is

beachwalk.jpg (1000×750)

Dennis stood on the balcony of his suite, looking out over the terrain that led to the beach. The beach didn’t look very busy today, but the sun wasn’t shining either. He thought he could take a taxi down to the landing and then walk on the beach. The resort concierge said there was a footpath down to the beach but it was a ten minute walk and Dennis didn’t feel up to it. A taxi ride would also show him more of the area, as they drove through town. That was it, he thought, and decided he grabbed his phone to call for the taxi.

©2022 CBialczak Fiction