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Blogging Insights — New Format # Focus on Readers

What kind of content is great for readers? Won’t that depend on who the readers are? Unless you are posting with a particular demographic in mind, how can you predict what kind of topics will appeal to people who visit your blog?

I have mentioned in many of my posts that I wanted to start blogging after losing my husband. I have also told readers that my sister didn’t think people wanted to read about “my dead husband”. But that was not my intention even then. I think part of it was looking for the ability to “talk” to people, to find a community I fit in with. After losing my son I joined a support group and met a few other mothers who had lost children but I didn’t feel like I fit in there. The support group was great but it was really hard to think about all those other children who have died and also it felt off. I liked the group but I didn’t feel like it was going to be a long-term connection, and it wasn’t. Actually, COVID came and the groups stopped and you all know the rest of that…

I have found that my followers and other readers like some variety of writing. Some people like to read poetry, others like photos, sort of how I am. Many of the bloggers I follow don’t have a set theme per say, but rather they fit in with what the “community” is up to.

The one thing I do believe is that my honesty and genuine “personality” that comes out in my blog posts are what keep my site interesting. Sometimes it is sad, other times silly…nothing set in stone. I am not blogging to attract anyone per say. I just like talking to people and sharing in the activities of others. I like reading about what other people are doing and where they go. I love seeing pictures of the world, as I want to travel more than anything. I don’t base my writing on how many people liked the previous post…I just post!

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